Evita and Me Evita and Me

Evita and Me

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“A spellbinding historical fiction novel from a wonderful author, 'Evita and Me,' by Erika Rummel is one of my favorite books of the year so far!” — Linda Lu, Linda’s Reviews
“This is a fast paced page turner. A suspenseful, thrilling roller coaster ride with lots of twisty, loopy sections. Head Games is an apt title for this enthralling read. “- Joy Renee, Joy Story
“Identity’s a big theme in this work, so if you’ve ever felt you were someone other than yourself, if you thought you might like to try living in someone else’s skin, if you’ve wondered whether your friends and loved ones were not exactly who they claimed to be, then this psychological labyrinth might just be your winding road to a good read”.- Carole Giangrande, Words to Go
“This was a book that grabbed me from the start. It’s a period in history that offered much to the world but also had some of man’s darkest moments. Due to that it does provide rich material for a novelist and Ms. Rummel does an excellent job of taking her reader on a dangerous journey through the twists and turns of what many faced during the time. The characters are well developed and defined. The scenes are well described and I found myself feeling like I was actually walking the streets with the characters of the book.”-Patty, Books Cooks Looks
“To live during such tumultuous times would be horrible. You would have to be careful of every word that came out of your mouth. That might be easy when you are alert, but what about when you are so tired that you can’t even think? This book made me thankful that I was born in America in the 20th century. Any fan of riveting historical fiction will get lost in this book from page one.”-Lisa, Lisa’s Writopia
“This is a gorgeous, immersive book that reads almost like you are watching a great film. I felt so enveloped in the world that Erika Rummel creates in this book that I found myself wishing it was longer. ‘Evita and Me,’ is a reading experience that is unmatched!” — Nora, Storeybook Reviews

So you think you know about Evita? No, you don't.

Ask Mona, her confidant, or Pierre, her bodyguard. They have the inside track.

Argentina fell in love with Eva Peron during her lifetime. The world followed suit later with the help of a Broadway musical about her Life, Evita. But there is much we don't know about the first lady of Argentina. For example, where are her jewels? They seem to have disappeared. Mona can tell you where they are — in a vault in the Swiss Alps.

Like Eva herself, Mona comes from a broken family and has to make her own way. Perhaps that's why the two women feel close. Evita is at the pinnacle of success but already in the grip of a fatal illness. We see her life through the eyes of Mona and Pierre, two people she trusts -- and who betray her in the end. Or can theft and murder be justified?

About the author:
Erika Rummel has taught history at the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. She divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and has lived in villages in Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria. She is the author of more than a dozen books on social history, and six novels. In 2018 she was honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Renaissance Society of America.

Fiction & Literature
January 24
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