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Evolutionary Philosophy is the foundation text for a new belief system. We are all products of evolution. Understanding all of the implications of this statement leads to a comprehensive worldview that can answer our universally shared questions: Where did I come from? What am I? What is a good life? How do I know? These questions and many more are answered in this book, before the beliefs of 60 of the top philosophers of history are put to the test in an evaluation of the survival of their fittest ideas. This is an audacious work of research and analysis from author Ed Gibney, who finishes by asking readers to help Evolutionary Philosophy to grow and adapt as mankind's knowledge continues to accumulate. This clear and accessible work promises to help you reevaluate mankind's place in the universe and your place in society.

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I'm really proud of both the content of this book and the ease which with it can be read. This is not a typical philosophy book filled with esoteric terms and endlessly dense logic trails. It's a page-turning call to arms, a systematic treatment of our most important questions about life, and a handy reference guide to the major philosophers of history and what we can still take from them. If you are a strong proponent of the rational scientific worldview, and have found religions or other belief systems to have flaws in them that you can't live with, then see what this new belief system has to say. If you are still searching for how to make sense of the world, read this fair treatment of how other philosophers' beliefs hold up to the objective principle that we are living things and we need to survive in the long term - then decide for yourself what works best. If you are convinced that your beliefs in gods and religion are still the way to go, please read this and reconsider where you are headed. Unhappiness, suffering, death, and extinction come all too easily in this universe. But life has evolved to want to survive. We know from science what that means now and that is why life makes sense.

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