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Are you looking for a book that heralds a “bigger picture” religion, embracing and validating the best in all religious faiths?
One that is light, fun to read, and inspires you toward self-improvement?
In this age of Integral Theory, sometimes called Evolutionary Theory, growing numbers of people are developing a faith characterized by three prominent ideas:
1.God, with eternity at His disposal, is creating the universe in slow motion.
2.As part of this creation process, God is nudging humanity toward perfection, or in traditional Christian language, toward the “kingdom of God on earth.”
3.A major feature of this ongoing human evolution is the increasing tendency of people of faith to recognize the truths found in other faith traditions and integrate those truths into their own belief systems.
The author draws on his spiritual optimism, subtle humor and pithy style to write succinct, whimsical stories, anecdotes and commentaries. Though not parables, the selections in Evolution’s Promise apply the same technique of using allegory and metaphor to illustrate spiritual truths and morals in a way that leaves room for the reader to understand these lessons in his or her own way.
While celebrating supreme values central to all religions, Johnson strives to avoid the dogmas that distinguish the great faiths from one another but which do little to contribute to the believer’s spiritual life. As a result, you will be treated to more than 60 selections that can serve as catalysts for your spiritual growth, regardless of your religion, and perhaps help induce your own meditative moments.
The publisher suggests reading three or four meditations aloud to yourself each night immediately after savoring your favorite bedtime snack. Claim your copy of Evolution’s Promise today

Religion & Spirituality
October 28
Duane R Johnson
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