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Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you.
Volume One of a three-part volume by Katana Collins.

Ex-convict Shane McGill is as rugged and wild as they come. Bad to the bone and back on the streets, he’ll do anything and say anything to survive. Even if that something means joining the one car club he had worked so hard to avoid. But there’s one person out there who can match him toe-to-toe...the hot mechanic pin-up doll of a woman with the body of a goddess and tomboy attitude would even give him a chance.

January 31
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

3.5 Stars!

Ex-con stories are a bit of a draw for me. I'm a fan of the anti-hero's. This is book 1 in a 3 part series all focusing on Shane and Charlie. It starts off good showing a bit with Shane going to prison and then his release 4 years later. Shane soon meets Charlie, the sexy mechanic. We have both POV's and it's keeping my interest but I'll admit, I'm not enjoying the gang related part. I'm just not a fan of gangs. The way they talk and treat people seems juvenile for me. Shane isn't exactly thrilled to be beholden to this gang so I'm gonna stick it out and see where this author takes it. You get a bit of the "Fast and Furious" feel in this book since we have street racing as well. I do really like both MC's so I'm hoping it well be more about them and less about the Crew as we get to parts 2 and 3. ARC provided by NetGalley.

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