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Miller Spurlock might seem like a laid back man on the outside, but piss him off, or violate his trust, and he’ll show you the meaning of pain. 

He was a Navy SEAL. He could kill a man a hundred different ways and not break a sweat. 

He’s also a police officer and member of the SWAT team, which means he has the knowledge and skills to get away with it. 

Rage boils in his gut when he witnesses what happens to the beautiful Mercy Shepherd during a SWAT op from hell that even his worst nightmare couldn't conjure up. And it surprises the hell out of him when she wants him, and him only, to comfort her in the aftermath. 

Miller becomes the one shining beacon of light at the bottom of Mercy’s pit of despair. 

The one man that could pull her through the rough days ahead and make her whole again. 

And during her road back to herself, she realizes that she’s got the one thing she ever wanted in life…a hero to call her own.

August 5
Lani Lynn Vale
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Code 11-KPD SWAT 4: Execution Style

Execution Style by Lani Lynn Vale is the fourth book in her KPD Motorcycle Patrol series first which takes place further along the timeline than this series, HOWEVER, this series is off to a great start. I have come to expect sensational plot twists, the steamiest of sexy times, and the kind of insta-love that leaves you panting and I was NOT disappointed with Miller and Mercy's story. This books starts out smack dab in the middle of a negotiators nightmare. Mercy Shephard is attached and Miller Spurlock is on the SWAT team that eventually rescues her. As someone who is known in the community thanks to her fire chief father and her own work with Second Chances she leans on Miller to get her the medical help she needs anywhere but in the small town of Kilgore. Being there for her at that time forms a bond between them that just exponentially grows. The story is dark but there is also plenty of heat and steam and healing and even fun to be had in the story of Miller and Mercy! Enjoy!

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