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Get the Key to the Boardroom withPowerful Executive Presence!

“This book can be a key aid in helping you make it to the next level! Greatcoaching for anyone who is even thinking of becoming an executive!”
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author ofWhat Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“On the corporate battlefield a true leader’s success is based upon his or her ability tocommunicate effectively, persuade others to follow a goal, and execute it. This leads tosuccess for all. When the stakes are high, you’re well advised to read this book first.”
Scott A. Gaines, vice president, Hertz Corporation

“If you are seriously looking to be perceived in the light you choose, Executive Presence isthe book that not only answers the question, but shows you how to apply the answers.”
Kevin Hogan, author of The Psychology of Persuasion

“Harrison Monarth is a first-rate thinker who writes as clearly as he thinks.No matter where you are on the career ladder, Executive Presence will put youa step ahead of your competition.”
T. Scott Gross, author of Positively Outrageous Service

“Most people know that to move up in your career, you need to have self-awareness andthe ability to manage the perceptions of those whose opinions count. . . . Executive Presenceis your comprehensive guide to help you become more profi cient at self-marketing and theart of ethical persuasion to achieve your personal and professional goals.”
Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA, author of The Confident Leaderand coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Confident Speaker

About the Book

An expert in coaching high-level players inthe art of perception management, HarrisonMonarth reveals the critical difference betweenCEOs and those of us who wish to beCEOs. It’s not a matter of intelligence, connections,or luck. It can be summed up in twowords: executive presence.

While most of us toil in obscurity and expectgreat things to follow, those on the path tocorporate leadership spend their time perfectingthe types of leadership communicationskills that generate respect and get others toshare their vision. They use these skills toestablish how they are perceived by others andto manage their reputation throughout theorganization. In other words, these soon-tobetop players have developed the presenceof an executive through careful imagemanagement—and they make sure they havethe goods to back it up.

In Executive Presence, Monarth shows how youcan seize control of your own career using thesame skills. Inside, he explains how to:
Accurately “read” people andpredict their behaviorInfluence the perceptions of othersPersuade those of opposing viewsto your sideCreate and maintain a personal“brand”Manage and control your onlinereputationPerform damage control whenthings go wrong
Monarth’s conclusions aren’t based solely onhis keen insight and extensive experience;they’re the result of the latest scientifi c researchin interpersonal communication andhuman behavior.

Talent and skills are important, but they alonewon’t take you to the top of your organization.People reach highly infl uential positionsbecause they deeply understand the powerof perception and know how to leverageit in their favor. The good news is, anyonewith the will to succeed can do it. ExecutivePresence provides all the techniques you needto take your career to the highest level ofany organization.

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