ExMuse Me

A Paranormal Women's Fiction and Fantasy Novel

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Publisher Description

ExMuse Me is a Paranormal Women's Fiction and Fantasy novel, and the latest action and adventure tale from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald.


If Pan calls me a terrible Muse one more time, I’m going to flatten him into a Pan-cake. 

I may need the musical son of Hermes to help me solve tasks six and seven, but if the lecherous Satyr goes for the grope on me, I'm chopping off his fingers. It’s going to be hard to play that magical flute he loves without them. Pan hurt one of my Muse sisters once. He’s lucky to still be alive.

Did I tell you about the robot I have to fight? Yes, robot. I don’t know what else to call him. Hephaestus, the God of Fire made Talos long ago as an unbeatable metal warrior to guard Crete. Now the robot with laser beam eyes serves as a guardian for Gaia. There’s not enough room for both of us on the Great Mother’s secret island and I'm not leaving until I'm done.

This is only a fraction of why I have bigger problems than worrying about what chaos a lecherous Satyr is causing. Or what’s got Athena’s panties so twisted up. I haven’t killed the amnesiac version of Zeus yet. Actually, I kind of like him now. I'd be fine never restoring him.

So far, I’m staying as upbeat as I can about things, but I’d be better if Cale stopped releasing his inner Dragon out into the world in the middle of the hardest challenge of the prophecy.

Gaia’s gardener—who gender identifies as “we”—helps the way the Fates do. In other words, "they” weren’t inclined to provide me with any real information. I haven’t felt this alone in a very long time.

AUTHOR NOTE:  This story is a mix of paranormal, women’s fiction, and fantasy with some romantic elements included to make it a fun read. This is the fourth book in the Nine Heirs and a Spare series which has its roots in Greek mythology. You can count on the good guys (or rather good women) winning some of their battles, but that’s the only promise I can make. As with all my work, there will be lots of laughs along the way.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 19
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

Contessajj ,

Action packed emotional thrill ride

This installment, while just as exciting as previous books on the prophecy fulfilling front, had Atlanta facing heartbreaking relationships. I was tied in knots along with Atlanta, but also intrigued with new revelations. Intricacies of dragon shifter inception, the mythology of Gaia (according to this author anyway), and how the Fates, Olympians, mortals interact. This tale checks off so many boxes, a capable independent older woman (with a hot younger boyfriend), an extended plot line that continues to enthrall, and storytelling that draws you in and takes you for a ride. Great read!

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