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Bronze Medal Winner for Visionary Fiction -- Independent Publisher Book Awards -- May 2013

Exophobe talks about the Bell Curve, the genetic basis of intelligence, electromagnetic wave manipulation, chili pequins, Sumerians, toe jam, Copper Gorillas, black mambas, telly-telekinesis and artificial intelligence.

And that's just the first few chapters...

Kirkus Reviews (established 1933) calls it—

"...a sci-fi adventure that keeps both the narrator and the reader on their toes. ... this action-packed tale will satisfy readers looking for entertainment with substance."

Reviewer Suzanne Yusiw writes—

"If you like your science fiction leavened with humor, brainy wordplay and a whiff of romance, look into D. Kenton Mellott's latest novel, Exophobe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 8
DKM Productions Ltd
DKM Productions Ltd

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woefulknight ,

What is Exophobe?

Exophobe is a modern science-fiction; the unique (and highly individual) characters are what will keep you turning the pages while the author's clever wordplay and skillful prose makes the read a rare joy.

Enoch Maarduk is just trying to make a buck when he makes a shocking discovery by accident that changes his life forever. His newfound knowledge also comes with a new responsibility -- but what will he do with it? Or, more importantly, what are others doing with it?

Anyone can enjoy this book (nothing gratuitous here) -- there is comedy, drama, action, sadness and philosophy (a must, of course, in science-fiction) all in the right doses; you will be thinking about the book long after you close the cover (or shutdown your app!)

If you love science-fiction -- or even if you don't (because this is a book that exceeds its genre) -- I think you'll love this book. Pick it up ASAP.

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