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Guys, have you be given the news you will become a dad —or thinking about it—but find yourself a bit clueless about the whole pregnancy thing?

Ladies is your future baby daddy a bit dense about the process of childbirth, and yet for some reason you still want to make a child with him?

Well, then this book is perfect. Maybe even better than a new car. Really. Want to know why? It’s because “Expectant Father” is a guy-friendly work that was designed just for you (the father) to help make the Big Day—and all the stuff leading up to it—the very best it can be.

Presented from the man's perspective, but friendly enough for women to read to them if necessary, it features lots of small chapters, few (if any) fancy words, and many sports references throughout to explain in an uncomplicated way what is going on (and often why) when it comes to becoming a father.

Just think about it. It’s like a personal instruction manual for all would be dads for guys to help get them ready for the tough times ahead. So, go ahead, buy this book— or one for your future daddy, ladies…You never know, you may just thank yourself!!

May 17
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Customer Reviews

fri98 ,

Good but veeery short 46 pages only!

Although the author does gives some good advices, his book was written as if someone was chasing him, it is very short and IMHO it is not a good book, he takes 4 pages to briefly describe what happen in every pregnancy week, but more than a description it is just a list of facts... Nothing you could not find everywhere else... So in resume if you have one dollar to spend and just get one or two good advises, this may be a good option, but if you what a more serious approach, you better skip it.

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