Explicitly Yours

The Complete Series

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Lola Winters doesn’t think she can escape her life as a waitress—until she receives a shocking proposition from a handsome stranger.

Wealthy businessman Beau Olivier is willing to do anything to have Lola for a night. His conditions are explicit: from sunset to sunrise, Lola must submit all of herself to him—body, mind, and soul. But what if Beau doesn’t want to say goodbye in the morning?

A red-hot collection that includes four full-length books: Possession, Domination, Provocation, and Obsession. Also available as an audiobook (4 books for 1 bargain price).

“Pretty Woman meets Indecent Proposal in a seductive series that’ll leave your heart racing.”—Louise Bay, USA Today Bestselling Author

July 16
Jessica Hawkins
518 Books, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,


These characters has so much chemistry it exploded from the pages. The back story helped support the drama that continually unfolded and gave so much light into what was happening and why. All I can suggest for this book: it needs an EPILOGUE. The ending just happened and I felt like I was left hanging. A short epilogue that shot 9-10 months or even a couple years later would have been a good closure.

Nsean Richards ,


Hands down the most infuriating series I have ever read. I read all 5 books including book 2.5 from Beau’s perspective. It was a rollercoaster. This author incorporated control, dominance, pride, insecurity, fear, hate, vengeance, rage, revenge, jealousy, superiority complexes, narcissism, forgiveness, self realization, love and a host of other emotions in this series. In my honest opinion the series doesn’t start to pick up until almost the very end of book 2- Domination. That is where you see crossroads, decisions and real emotion. Prior to that I spent my time battling whether or not I even wanted to finish the series. That was most because Beau, the male protagonist was easily the worst character I have ever read about (so unlikeable). He was the kind of guy that you’d warned your friend to stay away from and although it is a book, it was difficult to digest that anyone could be that deplorable. And he remained that way.. until he didn’t. I consider my strong reaction to him a testament to the authors depth in creating her characters and overall the author did an excellent job of allowing the reader to see the transformation he went through. I really loved that although this story carried a large power imbalance from the very beginning, at the end the female protagonist found herself. That’s refreshing for this genre of literature and while I did not at all feel like this was a romance series for the majority of my reading, (it felt like everything but love and romance in the traditional sense) and couldn’t see how the author would be able to spin it that way with very few chapters left - I ended the final book feeling like I’d read about a real love story with a true happy ending. One of my complaints is the constant use of certain words that I found to be offensive. The profanity was one thing but some of the other word choices were extreme to say the least. Overall, the series was good.

Luz_Dukes ,

A True Full Circle Story

I waited to write a review over the Explicitly Yours Series because I wanted to read all 4 books. I couldn’t put this series down! I mean these books had it all for me! The emotional rollercoaster you go on with Lola and Beau is sweet torture! I honestly didn’t think I’d end up liking it but I LOVE it! It’s so angsty, provocative, and downright sexy! Would recommend anything by Jessica Hawkins any day!

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