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Lola Winters doesn’t think she can escape her life as a waitress—until she receives a shocking proposition from a handsome stranger.

Wealthy businessman Beau Olivier is willing to do anything to have Lola for a night. His conditions are explicit: from sunset to sunrise, Lola must submit all of herself to him—body, mind, and soul. But what if Beau doesn’t want to say goodbye in the morning?

A red-hot collection that includes four full-length books: Possession, Domination, Provocation, and Obsession

“Pretty Woman meets Indecent Proposal in a seductive series that’ll leave your heart racing.”—Louise Bay, USA Today Bestselling Author

July 16
Jessica Hawkins
518 Books, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,


These characters has so much chemistry it exploded from the pages. The back story helped support the drama that continually unfolded and gave so much light into what was happening and why. All I can suggest for this book: it needs an EPILOGUE. The ending just happened and I felt like I was left hanging. A short epilogue that shot 9-10 months or even a couple years later would have been a good closure.

Luz_Dukes ,

A True Full Circle Story

I waited to write a review over the Explicitly Yours Series because I wanted to read all 4 books. I couldn’t put this series down! I mean these books had it all for me! The emotional rollercoaster you go on with Lola and Beau is sweet torture! I honestly didn’t think I’d end up liking it but I LOVE it! It’s so angsty, provocative, and downright sexy! Would recommend anything by Jessica Hawkins any day!

Annmric8 ,

Money can by Beau many things...money can also destroy

Explicitly Yours was about Lola Winters struggling to escape her life as a waitress—until she received a shocking proposition from a sexy stranger. Wealthy businessman Beau Olivier wanted Lola for one night. Only one problem Lola belonged to Johnny. Lola wanted to move forward by providing Johnny with his dream. Lola was attracted to Beau and his proposition was generous, but Lola had her doubts.

This collection included four full length novels: Possession, Domination, Provocation, and Obsession. Amazon listed it as a contemporary women's fictional romance. The series had some graphic sexual scenes. The story had three main characters: Lola, Johnny, and Beau. Several minor characters were added to enrich the main characters lives.

Beau invested in tech startups, but before that, he built a website that sold for millions. Beau's character left me questioning his intentions every step of the way. He was a complex man yet a straight forward man.
Johnny was manager and bartender of Hey Joes. Johnny was a sweet, tender, and loving character who wanted to provide for Lola even when opportunities seemed to fail him. Johnny felt like a failure with Lola living paycheck to paycheck unable to provide a comfortable lifestyle. Yet they survived off of love.
Lola was the assistant manager and Johnny's girlfriend. Lola was a simple, independent, and easy to please woman who didn't need a lavish life. Lola loved Johnny not for what he could provide financially but what he gave her as a partner.

“You’re a delicacy. I’ll eat you slowly with attention to every bite. I’ll drink you like fine wine, savoring your taste, inhaling your scent, letting you own me for as long as you’re in my mouth.” Lola exhaled an unintentional noise. “I’ll swallow all of you, but you won’t realize it until it’s too late. Until you’re a part of me,” he said. “That’s what you sold me. That’s what I paid for”. Beau's response to Lola for wanting her.

Jessica has the ability to formulate words with effortless skill. Take this quote for example. "I have unfairly high expectations of people, yet somehow you continue to exceed them.” “And here I was trying to be less than expected”.
It's as if a Jessica has these wondrous experiences herself. These aren't conversations you look up on google. These are conversations Jessica concocted herself. The entire story was filled with beautiful and colorful words such as the examples provided. Jessica's words made me realize how cultured she was with her choice of words. I pondered so many conversations between Beau and Lola. I wanted to highlight entire sections to remember the words and thoughts she evoked in me. Jessica put her characters thru precarious positions that drew out the emotions in me. Jessica created characters that sorted out the choices in wise minded ways. Jessica is wise beyond her years.
I enjoyed the playfulness of the characters and the unexpected reactions both of them. The sex scenes were intoxicating. I'm not sure where Jessica gets her knowledge from for these intimate sensual scenes but they are erotically hot. I couldn't tell who was playing who. Jessica had me questioning motives from an array of characters. Jessica built these scenes where my mind created doubts and confusion with plenty of judgment. I never knew which direction she was taking me.
My mind speculated the intentions of this proposition questioning every character and angle trying to determine the true purpose of this venture. It was thought provoking. I loved how it all came down to choices. Jessica surprised me with unexpected words, reactions, and behaviors. The way she guided the characters and storyline had me aching to read more. I took my time to embrace the words, the characters, and the storyline.

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