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The Explore the Bible: Students Leader Guide - ESV (eBook) gives leaders clear direction and support in leading a group of students through each session.The Summer 2018 study on 2 Samuel concludes the story of David who became God’s most faithful king and yet rebelled against God, resulting in the fracturing of his kingdom. The first part of the book tells of David’s faithful and heroic work in unifying Israel under his rule, highlighting the young king’s faithfulness, humility, and compassion. The second half finds David giving into temptation and committing some horrific sins that had devastated the nation of Israel and David’s immediate family. Most importantly, 2 Samuel tells of God’s promise to establish a king from the line of David whose rule would never be compromised by sin and who would reign in justice for all eternity. As we wrap up the story of king David, students will be challenged both to imitate David’s humility and faithfulness and learn from his weakness and pride. Through the story of David, students will see how devastating our sinful desires can be if we fail to submit them to King Jesus. Ultimately students will be compelled to look to Jesus both to forgive them of their sins and to empower them lead a lifestyle of repentance and faith. Features:   ·Explore the Bible gives leaders 3 ways to begin their study.        ·2 Explore Options – optional group activities or visual illustrations that introduce each week’s Central Truth.        ·Talk it Out questions – easy-to-discuss questions which draw students out and introduce Central Truth of each session.   ·Discipleship Moments – we know that there is more to discipleship than studying the Bible, therefore each session includes a challenge to leaders to share about their personal discipleship with their students.   ·All questions are numbered in order to help leaders guide their students as they follow along in their Personal Study Guides.   ·Streamlined Bible Commentary – each session provides commentary aimed at helping leaders better understand the Bible passages they are teaching. We’ve included more verse headings to make the commentary easier to use. Great for Sunday School classes and small groups. Purchase one per leader. Also consider the Explore the Bible: Students Personal Study Guide, and Personal Leader Guide App for iOS and Android devices.

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January 15
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LifeWay Christian Resources

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