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Regardless to which religion a person is used to observe in their daily life around the world, visiting a Japanese Shinto shrine is a very unique and unforgettable spiritual experience. 

Central to the Shinto tradition practiced in Japanese shrines is the concept of purity and the symbolic act of purification through rituals of offerings to the enshrined spirits. The general purpose of visiting a Japanese shrine is to try to purify yourself from daily life burdens by connecting and communicating with the enshrined spirit and achieve a peaceful state of mind through that ritual. 

As a foreign visitor to a Japanese Shinto shrine, one can enjoy and appreciate the buildings architecture design, the beauty of the shrine art, gardens, treasures and objects of worship, but beyond the physical experience there is an undercurrent of a very spiritual path to purification through the connection with the enshrined spirits which one can gain through the visit.

Each shinto shrine is oriented around a different aspect of life (Business, Marriage, Happiness, or Health) and the visit to each particular shrine is an attempt to purify any negative aspect of a person life in that particular realm.

This book is aimed to enrich the reader mind with the understanding of the spiritual experience offered at the different Shinto shrines around Tokyo area, as well as offer a general understanding of the Japanese Shinto shrines history, architectural design of its structures, its personal and social code of  manners, and the annual events which are held throughout Japan in Shrines all year long. 

The book focus on the Tokyo area Shinto shrines in an attempt to introduce foreign visitors who visit Japan to the ways the Japanese people pay their respect to those sacred grounds.

Each shrine section also includes precinct map and detailed information of how to get to the shrine from anywhere in Tokyo area.

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July 22
Tokyo X-Ray Studio
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