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There's a storm on the horizon...

Central Command is gone, the military is fractured, and the surviving members of Team Ghost, led by Master Sergeant Reed Beckham, have been pushed to the breaking point.

Betrayed by the country they swore to defend and surrounded by enemies on all sides, Team Ghost has one mission left: protect Dr. Kate Lovato and Dr. Pat Ellis while they develop a weapon to defeat the Variants once and for all. But after a grisly discovery in Atlanta, Kate and Ellis realize their weapon might not be able to stop the evolution of the monsters.

Joined by unexpected allies and facing a new threat none of them saw coming, the survivors are running out of time to save the human race from extinction.
The fourth book in self-publishing sensation and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith's propulsive post-apocalyptic series about a soldier's mission to save the world.
The Extinction Cycle:

Book 1: Extinction HorizonBook 2: Extinction EdgeBook 3: Extinction AgeBook 4: Extinction EvolutionBook 5: Extinction EndBook 6: Extinction Aftermath

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 14
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ebby Wolf ,


Loved it! Such a great story with awesome characters. This one is full of excitement.


5 stars is NOT enough!

Another great addition to a mesmerizing series! This fourth installment in the Extinction Cycle series had me a cold sweat from start to finish. Author Nicholas Smith isn’t the least bit timid about killing off main characters and two of my personal favorites were in serious peril. Whew! Time to kick back, have a beer and gear up for book #5 tomorrow.

Normal Nathan ,

Knocked it out of the park!!!!

I've anxiously been awaiting for Evolution to come out. I got hooked on the first three. Each book kept evolving into better and better stories getting more complex and with more depth. This book did not disappoint in the slightest. It was wonderful slipping back into the struggles of Kate and Beckham as they wrestles with saving the last of the remaining humanity. Many of the scenes were riveting to me and kept me on the edge of my chair and I couldn't put it down.

The variants are evolving....but are you ready for what's to come? I hope our struggling band of heroes are ready or else we are FUBAR!!!!

There are some startling revelations and some very sad times yet the doctors and soldiers persevere. I'm not sure I could have.

If you haven't read this book or the series I highly recommend you to do so!!

Thank you Nick for another great read. Looking forward to the next book!

Note: I received an a danced copy of Evolution in exchange for an honest review.

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