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Sydney Tannen has been living in denial for the last 12 years. Now that she's making a life with Drew Forrester, hiding from her past is no longer an option.

An emotional reunion with her father brings Sydney a peaceful feeling that she hasn't experienced in a long time. Her contentment vanishes quickly with a single phone call. When Sydney finds out that Drew is keeping something huge from her, she throws herself into work to avoid facing the problem. 

The stress of Drew's secret, combined with 12 years of carefully constructed denial, comes crashing down spectacularly and Sydney ends up in a hopeless place, alone and afraid. Can she accept her past and face the future? Or is it easier to remain in the dark?

This is the third book in the Famous Series. You must read Relatively Famous and Absolutely Famous first.

***Due to adult themes and language, this book is recommended for readers 18+***

December 12
Heather Carman

Customer Reviews

@AReader04 ,


I have read the series of Sydney and Drew and to be honest, I was ready for it to be over with. How could her parents not put her in therapy at young age?? I find Sydney to be selfish. It’s all about her and her needs. She seems to not care about how Drew feels about anything. She is always right. She kept referring to the bodyguards as her babysitters, honey had a lot of crazy fans why wouldn’t you have a bodyguard?
Drew, was a smidge overbearing but when it comes to Sydney and all that has happened I got it. If I were him, with her attitude I would have told her to find someone else.
For the most part I felt like book 3 was the same as book 1 and two we could have wrapped it up in book 2. She kept referring to herself as the New Sydney in book 2 yet nothing about her was different. She was scared of the same stuff and she acted in a childish manner throughout.
I will read Drew’s because I do like the male perspective.

Jacqwe714 ,

Not as good as book 1

I loved the opening story, but the last two books were rather boring. She cut all the sexy lovemaking, and no really big twists.

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