EYE for an EYE EYE for an EYE
Book 2 - "The Pearl & The Sword "

EYE for an EYE

The Pearl & The Sword Book-Two

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Publisher Description

An Ancient Scroll reveals the cryptic and apocalyptic words articulated by Queen Leahanna’s late husband K’Thilladorn as seen in a vision moments before his untimely death. His words contain an ominous ring. A prophetical warning predicting future events. For it is the time of the full Blood Moon. It would be a time long anticipated by Evil. A time when a Key would unlock the pathway to wickedness, torture, demon possession and destruction.

Upon a pyramid sat the gateway, an Illuminated Eye beaming brighter as the coveted Key, the Sword of Leahanna, approached. All-the-while from within the portal of the Eye-Gate, an evil influence is being felt, an emerging New World Order set in place by Kalamon. It would further embolden the Muzoule, Gnomes and Trolls to ratchet-up their attack upon the Realm and make way for the Shinning One, the purveyor of Evil.

However, all was not lost. Hope lay deep within the Elfin forest of I’Thillianne. Queen Leahanna and the Wizards of the High-Tower had activated the Tablet of Destinies that lay within the Ark alongside the revived Holy Book of Promise, sending a Heavenly light, a celestial signal for the Roluks to attack, turning their arrows Northward.

And so it begins. The temporal and spiritual battle for control of the hearts and minds of good men, women and all the inhabitants of the Realm, culminating in a lethal confrontation of evil, orchestrated by malignant powers beyond the portal, deep within the confines of the Second Heaven.

It will be Total War or Total Defeat!

About the Author

My father and his parents migrated to the United States from Russia during the reign of the Romanovs during the Bolshevik revolution. My mother’s parents left Ukraine for Canada at roughly the same time. The two met in a chance encounter during World War II and married. I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan shortly after the war.

In high School, I played drums in a Michigan Rock Band called The JuJus, (More about that on Wikipedia) and produced a record “You Treated Me Bad”, which made the top-ten (WLAV) for eleven weeks; reaching the #2 position on the charts, surpassed only by the mega-hit single “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

I Graduated in the top 10% of my class at Muskegon Business College (now Baker College) with a 4.0 GPA, Graduating Summa-Cum-Laude, on the Dean’s List every quarter. Top 1/3 of Class at Aquinas College.

Received the Army Commendation Medal during my service in Viet-Nam for Bravery and Outstanding Performance against a Hostile Force. 1st Cav Air-Mobile 1968.

Owned and operated MicroScribe, a Court Reporting agency, considered by many to be the premier Court Reporting firm in Western Michigan.

Industrial Refrigeration Sales & Marketing brought me to Pittsburgh in 2005… During that time, I became an avid Steelers fan. Then, on to Columbus Ohio and a transfer to my own office in Akron.

A past member of the iiar, I’ve worked within the Industrial Refrigeration Industry for 47 years, starting as a Chief Operating Engineer; eventually working into a Sales & Marketing position.

I have written a version of an OSHA Mechanical Integrity Inspection and created an annual Operational Audit, both still in use throughout the industry today. Also, I wrote and published a myriad of refrigeration related articles, which have been downloaded

from my Linked-In page by other engineers and used as supplemental training material.

Travels to Eastern Europe include Warsaw, Uman, Delgorod-Dnestrovski, Nikolayev and lived shortly in Odessa, Ukraine near Shevchenko Park. Enjoy sailing and have been a former Junior Yachtsmen Board Member of the Muskegon Yacht Club and involved in many church activities as-well-as Writing a Book.

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March 25
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