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Go to Vegas…Accidentally marry a good girl… 

Logan Cross has nearly destroyed his career with his bad boy antics, and marrying his best friend’s little sister, Jezebel, has to be the stupidest thing he’s ever done. Now he needs a quickie divorce so that he can get back to cutting ties with his father’s record label. But when he discovers that the only way to get free of Dad is to be married, Logan is forced to hold on to that curvy wife. How far will he go for freedom?

Go to Vegas…Accidentally marry a Rockstar… 

When plus sized model, Jezebel Donovan goes to Vegas for a job, the last thing she expects is to wake up married to the one man she loathes. Now she needs a quickie divorce and all will be right with her world. But when a family crisis leaves her niece in an orphanage, Jezebel is forced to hold on to that rock star husband. How far will she go for family? 

This iBooks Edition contains: Two bonus scenes titled Taking the Night Train London Spark

October 18
Sankofa Girl
Sankofa Girl

Customer Reviews

bbs59 ,

A winner!

This one caught me and kept me until the end. Logan and Jezzie had known each other forever, he being her brother's friend, and turning her down when she wanted him to be her first. They made lives apart until fate reunited them in Sin City. Too many shots, and they wake up married! The fun starts there. Both their lives have major complications from family, and they have to decide if it's temporary or love for real!

JustNicole19 ,

Living Out My Rockstar Fantasies.....AKA Jezzie Donovan is my Spirit Animal!

The latest in the Donovan family series has everything….Hot Rockstar…check…secret fantasy job of being a plus size model…check. Eye of the Beholder gave me all the things! Logan and Jezzie’s story is awesome because who doesn’t want a hot Rock God drooling over you? It’s only one of my life long dreams….I’m looking at you JC Chasez ;-). It’s a story about love, family, and friendship that you will love. Nana Malone is a phenomenal author who knows how to write a story to help you escape. Given the state of our world right now, we can all use an escape here and there. Thanks Nana! I can’t wait for the next Donovan’s release

Coffee Mel ,

Loved Jezzie’s Story!

I loved Jezzie and Logan's story! Jezzie is a plus sized super model that would rather stay out of the spotlight and curl up with a good book. Logan is a smoking hot rock star who loves being in the spot light and likes breaking the rules. These two have known each other for a while being that Logan is Jezzie's brother's best friend, but when she makes it known that she doesn't want him to think of her as a friend's little sister anymore and he turns her down, any good will between them turns into very strong dislike. Fast forward a few years, a lot of drinks, and a chance meeting in Sin City and you end up with these two having a forgettable wedding in Vegas (they literally don't remember what happens for some time). They both agree they shouldn't stay married but then opportunity knocks for both of them and suddenly a quickie divorce doesn't seem quite as likely. These two both use each other to get what they want but unexpected twists come into play while Jezzie is trying to adopt her niece and Logan is trying to get from underneath his father's clutches. And possibly most surprising of all is when these two actually fall for one another. This story captivated me from the beginning. I loved reading about this couple and the mysteries surrounding them. This was a great book in the Donovan's series and I'd highly recommend!

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