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Back in Ireland as a young girl, Issa had formed a strong bond with the falcon her father used as the lookout for his smuggling operation. One night, during a job gone wrong, her father and brothers were killed. Issa's mother wanted a fresh start, and they immigrated to America.

Issa pursues a career in environmental sciences and continues her passion for falconry. Unable to find a special falcon like the one she'd had in Ireland is a constant disappointment for her...until the fateful day her world explodes yet again.

Eagle is a retired military pilot. He's set up a small ranch outside Denver, Colorado where he runs a rescue center for raptors. When one of his newest arrivals, a sharp-eyed falcon, begins acting irrationally, Eagle hates the thought but knows his only choice is to euthanize it. Only the wounded bird rips free.

Badly hurt, somehow it manages to disappear into the skies only to return the very next night with a beautiful, injured woman…and a message of death and destruction for both Eagle and Issa.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 8
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Hannah2014RIP ,

Eye of the Falcon

Great book!!!! Couldn’t put it down and made me very late for work lol!

T1962a ,

Not so good

I have loved this series up to this book. This was more like the seals book, and I could see this being the first of a new group.

It is sad that cared more about Humbug than Issa.

GwendySue ,

Eye of the Falcon

Dale is by far one of the best Authors that I have read.

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