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Are You a Dirty, Nasty Slut? Or a Sexually Repressed Nightmare?

Regardless of your background or bedroom resume, someone or something has probably made you feel that way at some point. This was what Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discovered when they created the wildly popular Guys We F****d: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast. What started as an outlet to interview—

You guessed it!—guys they'd f****d, quickly evolved into an enormous community of F*****s around the world, and a place to share stories of kinks gone wild, trauma, assault, and the overall confusion among people who don't know what the f**k they are doing (in other words, everyone). 

F*CKED brings these raw, ridiculous, and serious conversations from the podcast to the page. It is a guide to love and sex for anyone -- female, male, trans, or undecided—who is fed up with double standards and the stigma surrounding sexual beings. It is for anyone who has ever felt afraid to be their authentic self. Corinne and Krystyna won’t talk down to you or coddle you because you’re better than that. They won’t explain why he’s just not that into you, because it doesn’t f*****g matter. This book will teach you how to deal with shit, brush your shoulder off, and move on. You'll also learn about:

• Why shame is completely made up and how we can stop giving into it
• Sexual exploration and how it sometimes ends in a trip to the ER
• Stuff we should stop doing: Snooping, nitpicking our bodies, and faking orgasms
• Asking your sexual partner uncomfortable questions
• How to get yourself out of an unsafe situation
• Masturbation, threesomes, porn, sex toys, butt stuff, and much, much more

Despite what Rom-Coms and magazines tell you, you can handle sexual exploration without the assistance of a man, a glass of rose, and a Xanax. More importantly, you’re fine all by yourself. This is the book Bridget Jones should’ve read instead of writing that s****y diary in the first place.

October 24

Customer Reviews

Promise Choas ,


Just what you need to boost your confidence and to straighten you out.❤️

gabbypagan ,


I really enjoyed this book. These women were honest and made be feel great. I appreciated this read and would recommend this to all women

BrittanyCieraa ,

Two amazing humans one amazing book

After years of listening to these girls on their podcast I can honestly say that this book is a beautiful, real, smart look into the life of women/humans who’s don’t want to be shamed. I literally cried listening to them read just an excerpt and I just know that if you read this book you will be at the very minimum engaged in a challenging topic. Xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo long time fan!