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Crystal Adams, a new and ambitious fashion designer, is determined to make a name for herself in the fashion world. Fabriano’s department store is a very high-class, very expensive store, and that is where she intends to start.

Tall, dark, and handsome, Anthony Fabriano, owner of the billion-dollar chain of department stores, is instantly attracted to Crystal when he sees her. He does everything he can to capture her heart. The first thing he does is to make sure she gets hired at his store.

Cheryl Solomon, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend and fashion recruiter for his store, becomes extremely jealous when she finds out they are dating. She has tried to get back with Anthony many times, but he refuses. Cheryl will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even murder if that is what it takes.

Focused on her career, Crystal can’t help herself accepting Anthony’s offers of taking her out on dates. He is very charming, a gentleman, and very handsome. She finds herself becoming very attracted to him.

Sam Fabriano, Anthony’s twin brother and co-owner of Fabriano’s, has always been a loving husband and father. He has one demon that is ruining his life. If he doesn’t take care of his problem, then he will lose his family for good.

Anthony and Sam get a visit from a family member that they never knew existed. They are so shocked and have to decide whether they want to accept this person into their lives.

Crystal is very hurt and distraught with her best friend’s untimely death. She has an idea who is responsible for the tragedy, but she has to prove it.

Crystal and Anthony’s love for each other grows. They become engaged, and they will not let anyone stop them from their happiness.

May 9
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