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Meet Fab, a young bunny bursting with creativity, who dreams of one day becoming a great Easter egg artist for the famed Peter C. Fab’s unconventional painting style and his tendency to color outside the lines only garner him rejections. Everything changes when one day, Fab stumbles upon the mystery of the disappearing Easter eggs. Fab decides to seize his chance to save Easter and impress his hero Peter C. His good deed does not go unnoticed. Special interactive version available only in the iBookstore.

This delightful multi-touch children’s book is a perfect gift for Easter day. The illustrations, featuring warm felt textures and playful fabric patterns add a whimsical touch, which is intensified by the carefully selected sound-effects on each page. Includes narration read by the author.

March 12
Fuzzy Logic Press
Fuzzy Logic
Grades P-5

Customer Reviews

5th, 6th grades ,

Intermediate school counselor

My children enjoyed reading as well as listening to the sound effects and narration. The interactive items helped to hold their interest in the story. They also found the narration to be quite entertaining. I would highly recommend this book for intermediate school aged children and younger children. Truly enjoyed

PreK SLP ,

Fab's Eggstra Special Easter

From the opening page of this uniquely inspired book, the words bring a curiosity to mind and a desire to continue reading so one can find out what will happen in young Fab's life. The illustrations offer enough content and visual appeal to maintain the interest of young children through the early middle school years. The writing promotes a style which will hold the interest of the reader or listener as well as provide opportunities for young readers to increase their vocabulary skills by learning new words. In addition, it is a book that can encourage young gifted individuals to follow their dreams and not give up. Overall, this is an exciting new book that will bring much enjoyment to it's young readers.