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“The enchantment of TWILIGHT meets the emotion of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Magical, heartbreaking, inspiring, and captivating. Hunter Emmerton is the perfect new fictional boyfriend to swoon over, and The Faded Trilogy is the quintessential new fandom-worthy series to obsess over.” - Sara McKay, The Infinite Bookshelf

Theirs is a love story that blurs the line between Heaven and Earth. But with one alive and the other dead, it’s a love that should be over before it even begins.

“Savannah wanted to kiss him, but she had never even kissed a human guy before, let alone a ghost. How was she supposed to kiss him if he wasn’t really there?”

Savannah has never been in love before, but she’s in love with Hunter Emmerton. He’s cute, funny, charming ... and a ghost. How can you date someone if nobody else can see them?

When seventeen-year-old Savannah Fraser and her three friends are killed in a car accident, they are given a second chance at life by a group of century-old earthbound spirits who need their help.

Savannah learns she is a Chosen One, which means she can switch between human and spirit form, heal people, and control the weather—and she is also now invincible.

The Chosen Ones are the only ones who can defeat The Forces—a trio of evil half-spirits who are slowly destroying the perfect little town of Fort Everwick with violent storms and not-so-natural disasters—and stop them from harming everyone they care about.

The Forces are set on destroying everything Savannah knows and loves, but they also have a more sinister plan—they want a new member to join them. They won’t give up until they get the one they want—and they have Savannah firmly in their sights.

But what Savannah didn’t count on was falling in love with Hunter. She’s never loved anyone the way she loves Hunter, and she knows he loves her, too. But how can they be together forever if he no longer exists and she’s the only one who can see him?

Will Savannah have enough belief in herself to defeat The Forces, or will they be able to lure her to the dark side and turn her against her loved ones—and tear her and Hunter apart?

Young Adult
March 27
Chloe Miles
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ShortNerdynWordy ,


Beautifully written, thrilling, and with the perfect amount if romance. This book is wonderful and I fell in love with it in the first chapter. This is a definite read for those who love action, paranormal/fantasy, and romance. And I just love it.

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