Fae's Rebellion: A Fae Fantasy Romance

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Publisher Description

A powerful fae princess desperate to escape her future.
A broody prince holding her captive. 

Tia O'Shea just wants to go home, back to the palace among snowy fields where her twin brother amplifies the power inside her, and her father tries to secure the future of the throne through her marriage.
A marriage she doesn't want and refuses to consider. As a future queen, Tia only wants a choice in this one part of her life.
On the night of the ball to introduce all possible suitors for her hand, she escapes to the human realm, planning to return after everyone has come to their senses. She never expected anyone to follow her, let alone her best friend and two of her suitors.
When the portal home goes awry, she finds herself separated from the others, without her magic, and stranded in a kingdom she knows nothing of, a kingdom torn apart by generations of war.
Tia has been through her fair share of war, she knows what happens to those caught in the middle, but avoiding it might not be possible if she wants to find her friends.
To recover her missing magic and find a way back home across the treacherous fire plains, she might have to wade right into the fight.
But first, she has to escape the prince claiming her as prisoner.

Fae's Rebellion is the seventh book in the Queens of the Fae series. It begins the story of Tia O'Shea, a familiar face all grown up and struggling for independence in a world full of powerful magic and heightened expectations.

Prepare to lose yourself in this beautifully wicked epic fantasy world with masterful world building, dark and twisty secrets, lies, powerful magic—and devastatingly handsome fae princes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 2
Twin Rivers Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

JRD90909090 ,

A Spunky new heroine!

Tia is the daughter of Brea Robinson and Lochlan O’Shea; main characters from the first two trilogies in the Queens of the Fae series. When we last saw her she was ten and saved the world with her powerful magic. Now she is grown up and expected to marry for political reasons as the heir to Iskalt. She flees, opening a portal to the human realm, but her portal Magic goes awry when she attempts to return and she winds up magic-less in a strange land and the captive of the brooding Price Keir of
Eldur. Adventures and attraction ensue in this fun, fast paced, lively read. Ends with a cliff hanger - so I will definitely be reading the rest od the trilogy as it is released. Hoping Myles, my favorite character from the first two trilogies is given some pivotal role in the next book. He is my favorite.

angeljacque ,

A Must Read for a Captivating New Series!!

Couldn’t help myself, I had to finish this book the day I started reading it.

Tierney is the daughter of Brea Robinson, whom was the main character in most of the Fae series previously. She completely shutdown the prison realm with her brother Toby when they were only 10 years old.

Now 10 years after, the current dilemma is becoming heir to the throne of Iskalt. And whom she has to marry. Her father puts together a list of princes she has to chose from and she’s not all about choosing someone who would only care about her status.

Portaling alone isn’t something she normally does. When she feels confident enough to make an attempt, things go wrong. She ends up in the middle of a battlefield again.

I was super invested in finding out how it ended. But it unfortunately didn’t, it seems like there will be another book in the series or more. I love this so much, Tierney was my favorite in the Griffin’s series and want to see her happily ever after.

ErinGoss ,

Wonderful addition to the series

Getting to know Tia on this level was an absolute joy. Getting to see beyond the fire plains, to more than the four kingdoms, was a great experience. I can’t wait to discover more of Lenya. I really hope to hear from Gulliver’s point of view, his character has a lot of depth that I feel like we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on him. I loved (and hated) the Vondurian court, I think the contrast of their court to what we know in the Four Kingdoms was beautifully done. There’s also some hints to the history of the fire plains that I can’t wait to hear about, though I have a sneaking suspicion we won’t know what those involve until the book after next.

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