Fae's Refuge: A Fae Fantasy Romance

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Publisher Description

A lost fae princess searching for a way home.

A reluctant king trying to win a war.

Tia O'Shea is beginning to lose hope. Hope that she'll ever say goodbye to the foreign wastelands of Lenya. Hope that she'll ever see her brother again. With a new king on the throne of Vondur, she is no longer a prisoner, but that doesn't mean she is free.

As they travel across the border into enemy territory, Tia and Gulliver search for their lost friends, but they find themselves among fierce golden warriors and a strange court they're uncertain how to navigate. When she first arrived in Lenya, Tia thought war was the biggest danger they would face.

She was wrong.

There is not enough magic in all of Lenya to stop what's coming for them now, but Tia is determined to try.

First, she must return to the place where she was nearly executed. To a king who once kept her captive. He must be warned even if he doesn't trust a single word she says.

Fire is coming for them all, and the time for bickering enemies has long past.

The journey through the forgotten kingdom is about to continue for Tia O'Shea. Prepare to lose yourself to this barren world where magic is scarce, and a devastatingly handsome fae kings breaks all the rules for the girl he loves.

Fae's Refuge is book eight in the Queens of the Fae series and book two in Tierney's journey. Readers don't need to have read the entire series before this one, but make sure you've read Fae's Rebellion.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 3
Twin Rivers Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bendyk79 ,

So good

I love this entire series. Each book gets better and better.

ErinGoss ,

Great addition

We're first caught up with Siobhan, who finally makes her way home, albeit a long, round-about way home. Tia and Gullie are still stuck in Lenya, though they have been reunited with Veren. And this time they're in Grima, with the very warm and welcoming Queen. A stark contrast to Vondor's view of her.
Keir is struggling with his new role as King of Vondor, being challenged daily makes it incredibly difficult for a King to focus on the tasks that matter. He wants to be a fair king, not a bloodthirsty one like those before him. He wants peace between the two lands, to unite Lenya, not conquer it.
Bronagh never expected to be Queen, her sister was supposed to take over, not her. But Bronagh has more problems than her predecessors, not only does she have to deal with Vondor, but also another danger creeping up on Grima's doorstep.
The world building and characters are on point (as always!) I can't wait for book 9!

This book can be read as if it were the second in a trilogy after Fae's Rebellion.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authors via booksprout in exchange for an honest review

angeljacque ,

Twice War Hero to Helping Kingdoms see Eye to Eye

Tierney is my favorite character in all of these stories and couldn’t be happier than to see more of her!

In the previous story, Tierney opens a portal to get home for Veren, Siobhan, Gulliver, and herself. Instead of ending up back at her kingdom in Iskalt, she ends up on the battlefield between a war. Worse, her portal dumped her out at a war between kingdoms that was rumored to not exist anymore.

She was taken as captive and saved by Keir, the prince of Vandur. Not only does she become captive of Vandur but so does Gulliver. In the midst of battle does she find Veren safe but also in the army of the kingdom of Grima.

In this story, we find out where Siobhan really is and what happened to her after the portal left them in all different places. And no matter what, she goes about trying to help find Tierney, Gulliver, and Veren.

Tierney goes about venturing into Grima to find Veren and is welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately, not only is their war between the kingdoms but there’s another issue that becomes a problem, the fire plains are expanding.

Even though Tierney has extremely powerful magic, it’s useless in Lenya. With the crystals that held magic becoming scarce through the lands, there was little hope but to return to Iskalt and find a way to save these kingdoms.

I absolutely adore that through Tierney’s influence, she inspires so many characters to go above and beyond. Many feel the strength to speak up and take action. There is a lot of character development that goes on and it’s amazing to see the growth they take through these books.

I recommend this story highly, I loved and adored it. I didn’t want to stop reading till I had it finished but I had to sleep and go to work like a proper adult. I was graciously given an ARC copy for my honest review and couldn’t be more excited than to tell you, it’s worth reading and you’ll want the next book as much as I do!

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