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From the New York Times–bestselling authors, this “chilling and engrossing” nuclear-showdown thriller packs “a multi-megaton wallop” (Chicago Tribune).
Originally published during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this suspenseful novel takes off as a group of American bombers—armed with a deadly payload of nuclear weapons—heads towards Moscow, their motives unknown. Suddenly, a nuclear apocalypse looms closer than it ever has, and the lives of millions depend on the high-stakes diplomacy of leaders on both sides of the divide.
The basis for the classic 1964 movie starring Henry Fonda, this two-million-copy bestseller is not only a terrifying thriller, but a fascinating social commentary on Cold War politics and a look at how, in a world poised on the brink, accidents and mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. Exploring the thin line between peace and global destruction that characterized this turbulent era, it is as timely as ever—“gripping, exciting and almost unbearably fascinating” (Los Angeles Times).
“Excruciatingly tense.” —The Wall Street Journal

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September 27
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Customer Reviews

Paul1701 ,

Fai Safe - Just as sobering as when read the first time.

Fail Safe is a must read for everyone. I first read it when I was in 9th grade. It was one on a list of books we were required to read during the first semester of Biology class. It was written in 1962. Then I saw the movie of the same title in 1964. The movie version was quite faithful to the book.
I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember reading it and being captivated by the content. When I saw the movie version, I was alarmed.
Recently I saw the movie which caused me to purchase a copy of the book and reread it. It still held all of the appeal and interest that it held when I was in 9th grade.
I do recommend this book and found it just as engaging and interesting as I did so many years ago. It should help to inform about the subject of nuclear weapons and how secure or vulnerable they may be. Although written during the time of the Cold War with references to the technology of that day, it still holds one’s attention and the ability to inform and entertain.

Addictshjdjjsbhaywhehdjd ,


It stared out interesting. After about 110 pages I was bored. I’m not going to finish it.

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