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“Writing this funny requires immense talent.”
AV Club

H. Jon Benjamin—the lead voice behind Archer and Bob's Burgers—helps us all feel a little better about our own failures by sharing his own in a hilarious memoir-ish chronicle of failure.

Most people would consider H. Jon Benjamin a comedy show business success. But he'd like to remind everyone that as great as success can be, failure is also an option. And maybe the best option. In this book, he tells stories from his own life, from his early days ("wherein I'm unable to deliver a sizzling fajita") to his romantic life ("how I failed to quantify a threesome") to family ("wherein a trip to P.F. Chang's fractures a family") to career ("how I failed at launching a kid's show").

As Jon himself says, breaking down one's natural ability to succeed is not an easy task, but also not an insurmountable one. Society as we know it is, sadly, failure averse. But more acceptance of failure, as Jon sees it, will go a long way to making this world a different place . . . a kinder, gentler place, where gardens are overgrown and most people stay home with their pets. A vision of failure, but also a vision of freedom.

With stories, examples of artistic and literary failure, and a powerful can't-do attitude, Failure Is an Option is the book the world doesn't need right now but will get regardless.

May 1
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Customer Reviews

Warnuke94 ,

Honestly, One of the Most Inspiring Audiobooks Money Can Buy.

I won’t keep you long, you’ve got books to buy and listen to. If you’ve enjoyed H. Jon Benjamin’s work, such as Archer and Bob’s Burgers, throughout his life along with his successes and failures, you’ll love this book! Listening to the audiobook as Jon himself guides you through his own failures and inspires you to continue on while you make your own. Continue to fail with a sense of purpose and find your Failure Balance.

Chase Whale ,

H. Jon Benjamin, Hero.

Jon is one of the funniest comedians working today. He has a van, is in a porno (with one copy in circulation, somewhere), and enjoys sharing his failures. Love this dude.