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This book is written for the making, multiplying and managing of finance and not money. This is because finance is the decision of how money is used to carry out a project, business, or investment. While money, therefore, is that thing that must be pursued in good conscience, which pays, prices, purchases and demands the acquisition of human satisfaction with provisions of defenses that cannot guarantee the security of life.

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." James.2:26

Your faith is made visible by your work. Work is what gives life to your faith. There are many dead men today because their lives have not been identified with any faith-work. Every man must work the work apportioned to him by faith if they want to enjoy financial provisions.

 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Rom.10:17

Faith always comes with an instruction from the word of God to those who it is given to hear. Many have a problem with their hearing and the only proof that you heard anything is in the work you are doing. Doing just anything away from the word of God won't get you any finance. It is in doing what you received as faith from God that actually brings the finances. Every of His command comes with a commensurate supply of fund. Many reading the title of this book may give it an interpretation that will spiritualize it out of context. But enclosed in this book are workable principles that will bring the finances needed to run your life's purpose.

Faith for Fishing Finances is exactly what it is called. You will encounter clear truths and practical principles that will help you to find the money you need to finance that project God has designed for you to carry out. It also has what it takes to keep you in a financial flow, making it impossible for you to be in lack. That thing is called faith; the absence of it abuses the dignity of man. Those who lack faith are reduced to beggars but those who have it are in command of money, any day and anywhere. Money is very vital in the pursuit of destiny but you are not the one who needs it; your project is. Money has no business in the hand of that man that is pursuing nothing. If you've got a purpose to pursue, then here comes your finance.

It's fortune time, rejoice!

Business & Personal Finance
October 6
Livinus C. Nneji
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