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Award-winning author Terry Odell delivers another action adventure romance with Falcon's Prey, the eighth installment in her Blackthorne, Inc. covert ops series.

Heroes aren't fearless. They just don't let fear get in the way.

Her life is in danger…

Police officer Lexi Becker is being targeted. When her husband was murdered three years ago, Lexi moved to a small town to get away from the memories, to get away from the pain. But she can't get away from the gut feeling that a drug lord, known only as The Falcon, was responsible for her husband's death. As she quietly conducts her own investigation, it becomes clear to Lexi she could be The Falcon's next victim. Afraid her local police department has been infiltrated by The Falcon, she turns to the only man she can trust for help: her former patrol partner.

But so is her heart.

When ex-cop Marv "Fish" Frisch is assigned bodyguard duty instead of a covert ops assignment, he fears he's being punished for a failed training mission. The last assignment he expected was Lexi Becker. Now he's forced to deal with the attraction he felt when they worked together. As they go into hiding, Fish can't keep his feelings hidden from Lexi. It seems she feels the same, but danger is everywhere. Someone's bugged her house. An illegal opioid network. People dying. And an even more sinister plan is being put into action…

When Lexi is torn between hiding or coming to the aid of an orphaned child, Lexi leaves Fish's protection. Now she's on her own, a prime target for The Falcon…unless she can outsmart him.

Will Lexi survive long enough to tell Fish how she feels?

May 29
Terry Odell
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Ellen/Oceanside ,


FALCON. PREY. Tony Odell
Lexi wanting answers for the murder of her husband, now is a target for the drug lord called The Falcon. Her last partner was Marc Fish, didn’t feel that everyone else was on the up and up to trust. Now he is working at Blackthorn Security, job acting as a bodyguard for Lexi and hiding his feeling. Full of action, trust and desire. Given ARC For my voluntary review and my honest opinion from Net Galley and Kobo

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Eighth novel in series!

Falcon’s Prey by Terry Odell is the eighth A Blackthorne, Inc. Novel. Lexi Becker moved to Burnside, Oregon after her husband was murdered to get away from the painful memories. It seems, though, that she has stumbled upon a drug ring with a leader named The Falcon. Lexi thought she was being discreet with her inquiries, but she can tell she is being watched. It seems that the Falcon has also infiltrated the police department, so Lexi needs someone she can trust to help her. Lexi hires Blackthorne to help her bring down The Falcon and his organization. Her old partner and friend, Marv “Fish” Frisch works for the company, but he was not honest about his occupation (it is obvious he is not a desk jockey). With her life being at risk, Lexi is taken to a Blackthorne safehouse with Marv as her personal bodyguard. The old feelings they had for each other have resurfaced and it is hard not to act upon the attraction. But Lexi’s life is in danger and The Falcon is intent on getting to her (plus there are rules). When Lexi’s Little Sister is in trouble, Lexi must risk her own life to save that of a little girl. Will they be able to bring down The Falcon or will Lexi be his next victim? Will Marv get the opportunity to tell Lexi how much she means to him? Come along for an action-packed adventure in Falcon’s Prey!

Falcon’s Prey is well-written and has a steady pace. Lexi’s life is in danger and she is having a hard time staying out of the action. She knows Blackthorne is trying to keep her safe, but the waiting is getting to her. The attraction between Marv and Lexi is palpable. They try to resist, but it is inevitable (with the tension they are under and being stuck inside) that they will give in to temptation. There is plenty of action and suspense in Falcon’s Prey. You never know how or when The Falcon’s minions will attack. Falcon’s Prey deals with the opioid problem in our country. Drugs are a big problem and when one dealer is removed, there is another to step in. While Falcon’s Prey is the eighth story in the series, it can be read alone. We get to find out more about Marv in this story and how he earned his nickname “Fish”. It is nice to see Marv’s vulnerable side as he opens up to Lexi. I wish Lexi had not overthought her actions or processes. Her impatience was not an attractive trait. There is some mild foul language in the book and there are intimate scenes (as expected in a romantic suspense story). Falcon’s Prey will have you on the edge of your seat as flip the pages to see if Lexi survives The Falcon.

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