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* Rita Award Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance

* Desert Island Keeper, AllAboutRomance.com

* No. 29 on DearAuthor.Com's list of the Top 100 Romance Novels

Award-winning romance novelist Laura Leone's Fallen From Grace, which was a Rita Award finalist for Best Contemporary Romance, is about a woman, Sara, who befriends a younger man who conceals painful secrets and a double life behind his gentle charm and good looks. As their friendship blossoms into love, Sara gradually learns the truth about Ryan, who's trapped in a world of lies, danger, and sex-for-hire. With his spirit renewed by love, Ryan becomes determined to find a way out of the life he was drawn into as a runaway minor, and equally determined to rescue a street kid whom he finds falling into the same traps which once caught him. But Ryan's secret life is lived in a ruthless world which won't easily let him go. Having fallen so far from grace, can he find his way back?

Praise for Fallen From Grace:

"In this realistically gritty, sometimes violent, and gripping tale, Leone reveals the seamier side of society's maneuvering while she spins an unconventional romance between two unhappy people who find that love, like respect, can grow out of friendship and shared experiences and that new beginnings are indeed possible for those with the determination and courage to pursue them." 


"Fallen From Grace is a romance novel as rich and adult as coffee laced with brandy. Laura Leone has delivered a dangerous brew of sin and redemption that goes where few romances dare to wander—a refreshing and deeply satisfying book. I loved it!"

        —Bestselling author, Barbara Samuel

"Fallen From Grace is an amazingly powerful, emotional and thought-provoking book... Leone's gift for storytelling shines in a truly provocative, gritty, tender and unforgettable story."

             —Romantic Times 

Fallen From Grace is provocative, powerful, and passionate. Laura Leone leads the reader on a tender, sexy journey through the human heart."

      —New York Times bestselling author Teresa Medeiros

"Laura Leone will keep readers up all night with this fascinating, passionate and emotional novel. This unusual love story, told with freshness and authenticity, gives new meaning to the term 'tortured hero' and illuminates the healing power of love."

    —Award-winning Author, Susan Wiggs

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