A Dystopian Alien Invasion Adventure

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Imprisoned from childhood. Forced to hunt his own kind.

Taught from a young age that his arcane powers were a mark of the demon inside of him, Garrett was given a choice: submit to the Sanctum and earn his redemption by hunting others like him... Or refuse and die.

The bright side? He probably won't live long enough to grow old with his regrets, anyway. But when he's forced to take a pretty new recruit out for her first day on the job, his terminal career plans go sideways fast.

Now, confronted with a startling conspiracy to end the war on demons once and for all, Garrett finds himself staring down one final choice—between the sanctity of his own spirit... and the lives of the entire planet.

With great power, comes a great big pain in the ass…

Fiction & Literature
April 14
Whale Press Books
Luke Mitchell

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rickatskiboater ,

Great Character, Great Story

I have been a fan of Luke Mitchell since I stumbled upon Retribution, the first book in his Harvester series. He is very inventive in his stories and builds believable characters that grow and mature. Garrett, the protagonist of Fallen, inhabits the world built in the Harvester series. Fallen is a parallel story line to the overall Enochian series. It nicely fills in the motivation of and adds depth and richness to the series. It melds Garrett’s world into the storyline of the original Enochian story line to create an even more full featured world that the characters live within.
I was blown away by the plot and character of Garrett. In Shadows of Divinity (the first Enochian book), Garrett behaves as a real baddie with one large exception at the end of the book. After that introduction, I assumed that Garrett would be a one-dimensional bad guy bastard who gets redeemed in the finale. However, the vulnerable character presented is very different from expectations. Garrett suffers from an brainwashing where the world was presented from a single point of view and repeatedly drilled into Garrett from an early age. The result is a character that has a skewed view of reality that is used by the true baddies to control him.
Garrett’s belief system allows him to do awful things to those who have been demonized by his education, thereby making his actions “OK” to him. However, over time he begins to wonder about these beliefs.
The characters in Garrett’s world are very much divided into those who agree and those who disagree with the ideas burned into him in his early training. At one point when confronting his antagonist, he thinks to himself, "The vicious little bastard had bought into whatever his demon master had sold him so completely that he couldn't even see the damage they were causing." Sadly, his antagonist would have been correctly thinking the same thing about Garrett. This encapsulates a theme of this book and rings true in America today. All sides of any debate have so bought into the reality of their own side that they can't see anything but "demons" on the other side.
The ending is dark but with a flicker of optimism. Things look bad for Garrett but the optimistic spirit shown so often in the Harvester series returns in Garrett. I don’t want to leave with a spoiler but rather with the hope for Garrett’s salvation (despite murdering kids and adults for most of his young life).

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