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My name is Benjamin Dorsey. You know my mom and dad’s story. You know Kylie’s parents’ story. You even know Kylie’s story.

You don’t know mine, yet.  

You don’t know what a broken heart is until you’ve loved someone your whole life, only to have her slip through your fingers because you waited too long. That’s heartbreak. That’s regret. And how do you live with that? How do you go through the motions when she’s there as a reminder of what you lost, of what you could have had but were too damn chicken to go after? I couldn’t. So I left. 

That’s right, I ran away. I found myself across the continent, playing minor league football. I mean, at least I still had football, right? 

Nope. That got taken away from me too. A career-ending injury left me down-and-out, scraping the bottom of the barrel, hating myself and hating life. And then I met Cheyenne Leveaux, my physical therapist, who became my one and only friend, the one bright light in the darkness of my messed up life.

But of course nothing is ever simple, or easy. 

Tragedy struck, and the rug was swept out from under me yet again, and this time the guilt, the doubt, the secrets, and the old heartbreak may threaten my one chance at true happiness, my one shot at my own happily ever after.

January 6
Seth Clarke
Seth Clarke

Customer Reviews

LisaClover ,

Beautiful conclusion to a well written series

Falling Into You series is all about love, loss, coping, friendship, and hope.This entire series is all about heart and relationships. So many facets are covered with each of our main characters and each story has its origin starting from the previous story. It is a nice introduction to our beloved characters.

Echo Levereaux and Ben Dorsey get their story after both suffering from heartbreak. Ben with best friend, Kylie and Echo with the loss of her mom, Cheyenne. Each magnet gets pulled together to compete the other half of one whole. A beautiful conclusion to a well written series.

Innesshan ,

Falling Away

I discovered the writing of Jasinda Wilder as I was about to give up on the idea that there must be some well written, really hot, erotica in the world. Glad I didn't give up. I plan to read every one of her books. I only hope she keeps writing fast enough that I don't run out of reading material!

lcarr ,


I love this woman's writing style! I got so pulled into this story that I felt like I was a part of it... Like I was watching a movie unfold instead of reading one, every book she writes gets better and better. You can feel the genuine love in the story and just know she's living it... That she has true love in her life.. So much talent. If you love a good sexy erotic love story this is definitely the one for you. The drama feels real and not over done, the love is felt as you read it. I just loved it. I feel like I know these people and for one am going to miss there stories

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