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It's a week before Christmas and Lisa James is stuck in a dead-end job, playing Santa's little Elf at the local mall. After fleeing her home to get away from an abusive drunk of a husband, she's trying to keep a low profile, so it's not exactly like she has her pick of career paths. Still, she can't help feeling like she's hit rock bottom...that is until the mysterious Kindred playing Santa at her mall shows up.

Asher is part of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps. Sometimes he serves as an assassin, other times a diplomat, but he's never been Santa before. And he's not supposed to be now. When he mistakes Lisa for his contact and she mistakes him for the Kindred who is scheduled to be Old Saint Nick, two hours of confusion and peeing, puking kids are the result. After all, who ever heard of a seven-foot-tall Santa with fangs? The kids are scared, Asher is frustrated, and Lisa loses her job.

To make up for the confusion, Asher offers to take Lisa on his next diplomatic mission--a boring and safe affair where all they have to do is attend the coronation of an alien Potentate. But things go horribly wrong when there is an assassination attempt and Lisa and Asher are caught in the middle of it.

Will the two of them escape with their lives? Will Asher listen to his heart, which tells him Lisa is his fated mate? And will Lisa be able keep herself from...
Falling for Kindred Claus?

November 23
Evangeline Anderson
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Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Falling For Kindred Claus

Evangeline Anderson- Falling For Kindred Claus: A Kindred Tales Novel (Brides of the Kindred)

This Kindred Tale was much more than a small story it was a full action packed rollercoaster sensual HEA book. Although it takes place around the Holidays there is so much more to this story.
Poor Lisa James is on the run from a violently abusive husband and takes a job as an Xmas Elf at a mall to make some much needed money. She is horribly afraid her ex will catch her and has a good deal of PTSD from this ordeal, yet she is a survivor pushing herself to go on without endless whining (this makes her a special heroine in my book). She is totally stumped when she mistakenly believes a male model worthy Kindred Warrior shows up by her mall job , that he is the Kindred the Mothership is sending down to play Santa for the children.
Asher , a Kindred Warrior in a Special Mission Forces, is at the mall to meet up with the contact for his next assignment. When the curvy pretty redhead mistakes him for someone named “Satan Claus” there is a lot of unexplained chaos.
Lisa loses her job but gains an adventure as Asher needs a female to play his mate for his next assignment.
Theirs was a really fun, and at times dangerous mission to a planet of blue people who have very unique emotional connections with their mates (I want my own “Chewchie” and if I get lucky a hot Kindred to complete the package as well)!
There are many lol moments between the misunderstanding at the mall and the communication gaps between Lisa and Asher.
As they both have many broken issues to conquer in their lives, the path to Lisa and Asher’s finally coming together -with some help from the Goddess of course- is an exciting, funny, romantic sexy hot adventure that is enhanced by the unlimited imagination of Evangeline Anderson’s world building.
This is a delightful and engrossing novel for the holidays or any time of year. Enjoy!

Racy Carr ,


Another great book from this author.

I had to laugh at the thought of Asher being mistaken and forced to play Santa Claus. Oh the fear the kids must of had when they saw this big fanged dry humor Santa. Yeah I got a good chuckle from that.

I just loved Lisa. Like all of the women you read about in the Kindred bird series she has a very strong personality that I love. She knows how to a stand when need to.

I just loved when they went to Helios Beta. I feel in love with the Chorkays. One thing about this author is she always has some interesting creatures in her stories.

Of course there are hot and steamy parts and some very touching moments as well. I would love to see some more stories about the Tangala Kindred in the future.

oo4chelle ,


Very cheesy and not in a good way.

I don’t know of any abuse victim who would act this way, especially with the kind of abuse Lisa was supposed to have gone through. Very unrealistic. I know it’s just a story and fictional one at that, but I think an author who is writing about abuse should have a bit more respect for the true victims of this horrific ordeal.

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