Book 3 - Bliss River

Falling for the Bad Boy

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Since when do bad boy tattoo artists do the nice-guy thing? Isn’t that a rulebook violation or something? Here I was, perfectly oblivious about never having been truly hot and bothered before. Then Nick goes and kisses me, effectively making every paltry liplock I’d ever had in the past utterly forgettable in comparison.

But what does he do after learning I still have my v-card? He locks us in the friend zone. Maddening, really, since no safe, tame guy even registers for me anymore. Seems it’s intense, rumbly-voiced swooniness or nothing for this girl.

So, do I go to Nick’s shop and ask him to ink me as part of a big master plan? Nope. It just happens. Admittedly, the liberating request comes out a little dirtier than I intend.

Which just makes it doubly perfect.

* * * 

For such a nice, good girl, Melody sure knows how to be all kinds of trouble for me. Seriously, what the hell had I been thinking kissing her? It’s been a month now and I still can’t get it—or her—out of my head. There are too many reasons I shouldn’t get close to her. And she makes me forget every single one. Her town sweetheart status and innocence aside, she’s also my boss’s sister. Until my new tattoo shop takes off, I can’t afford to lose my day job.

But, it’s no use. Fact is, no other woman is going to do it for me anymore. Hell, it’s cute, funny, beautiful-inside-and-out sweetness or nothing. That said, I need to keep my distance. At least until I can make something of myself. A guy like me co-owning a business? That’s something. This thing with Melody, on the other hand?

It could be everything.

October 2
Self Taught Ninja Inc
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Cheryl33610 ,

Quick but satisfying story

Melody and Nick’s opposites attract story was good, I confess it wasn’t my favorite of the series. Insta-love stories generally are hit or miss for me, and while this was done really well, I felt their story was rushed. I wanted them to have a longer courtship on the page, because they were just so fun. I enjoyed watching Melody’s growth as a person, as well as part of a couple. I didn’t really see Nick as a bad boy...we hear more about his supposed misdeeds than experience them.
As a couple, they didn’t face the resistance that Lark and Mason or Aria and Nash did, especially from Bob March, the girls father. But to me, that was a good thing because I seriously hated that man! But a little more family drama would have been interesting to watch them overcome.
Overall, I liked the book, but I think a Melody and Nick got a bit shortchanged as far as a rich, memorable storyline goes.

Ashel05 ,

Loved this unlikely pair romance!

Loved this !

Nash’s little brother Nick is new in town and Melody had her eye on him. Until he seems to put her in the little sister corner!

Sparks fly, tattoos requested, and happily ever after might be upon us.

Highly recommend

Szmoromou ,

Bad + Good = Perfect

Can a good girl change a bad boy? Melody March is the youngest of the March girls, and the most innocent. She has always played by the rules and done what her parents and others have expected from her. She is just that good. Then there is Nick. He is the opposite. He is the family black sheep, the rebel, the one who plays by his own rules. He has never been known to be one to have a real relationship. No one knew about Sarah Beth, the good girl that Nick dated for more than a week. The good girl that broke his heart when she went back to her old fling leaving poor Nick heart broken and untrustworthy of good girls and long term relationships. Yep, girls that didn't want a relationship were a lot safer for Nick by far. So when Nick finds himself thinking about Melody 24/7, he knows that his heart just can't take it. As much as he tries to deny his attraction and desire for Melody, he just can't stop thinking about that kiss and how much he wants to do more with Melody.
Melody knows that Nick is the bad boy that she should stay away from. The pull and excitement she feels when she is around him is one she has never felt before in her life. She is at the point in her life where she wants to feel alive by going against everything everyone expects her to do and be and do what feels right for her. Nick, he makes her feel alive. He is the one she desires and will stop at nothing to get him to want her back. It isn't hard for Nick to not notice Melody. Not only is she sweet as candy, but she has a body and a spirit he can't dismiss. As much as he tries to fight it, Melody's persistence finally break down his walls.
Do the bad boy and good girl have a chance to make it? Can Nick convince his and Melody's family that he is a changed man and he can make Melody happy? Will Melody finally put her foot down and go against her family for a man she feels is the one for her?
I Love Melody and Nick. They complement each other, bringing a balance among them that makes them better versions of themselves. Well written Lili Valente. This is a great addition to the Bliss River series.

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