Falling for the Fling Falling for the Fling
Book 1 - Bliss River

Falling for the Fling

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Publisher Description

The day of my best friend’s wedding, I’m the one rocking the strapless red taffeta and chef’s apron ensemble, running on zero sleep. Being both the event caterer and a bridesmaid is crazy, I know. But, I’m a pro. This is my seventh wedding after all—as bridesmaid, that is. Pretty sure that’s some kind of town record.

Still, no amount of my trademark meticulous planning could’ve possibly prepared me to see him again. The prodigal Doctor Dreamy himself, Mason Stewart. My first (and only) love who disappeared without a word literally the day after proposing to me.

What the heck is he doing back in Bliss River? And how is it at all fair that he looks this good? Also, holy crap, why is he coming this way?

* * * 

There she is. Somehow even more beautiful than I remember. This overdue apology is one I’ve rehearsed since the day I left, pulverized by my own family, positive I'd never be good enough for the only girl I've ever loved. Took a lot of both time and therapy, but I finally managed to fix what they broke. And now I’m here to repair what I broke.

I know Lark. She’ll see this second chance I’m hoping for as a no-strings fling so we can each get closure and move on. Right. Like it’s just that easy. You don’t move on from a woman like Lark. And I’m pretty sure a clothing-optional arrangement will make that feat infinitely more impossible.

Still, it’s a start—a way for Lark to see the man I’ve become. A man who isn’t looking for a fling, but rather, matching rings, kids, the whole nine yards.

August 11
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Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

BriWhale ,

A Super Sweet Rom Com

The dating concept in this book is super cute. Of course, anyone can be charming and thoughtful and go all out for a week. And the black moment seemed kind of minor to me. I guess it played on certain sore spots, but I didn’t understand how it became such a big thing. The one I was annoyed with was the one who kept prying into other people’s business. And I don’t know if this is a minor spoiler but... one of my pet peeves is when a book does a time jump after the black moment. All this time goes by and nothing happens. Seriously?

Outside of the romance, I hated the way Mason felt an obligation to his uncle. The dude is super abusive. Mason needs to run away and never look back. Being family and taking you in, only to hurt you at every turn, is not a bond worth fighting for.

There were a lot of laughs in this book. I had a really good time reading it. And if anyone knows Melody’s ex, I would love his number. I find babies to be pretty gross as well.

Eddy would go ,

Nice story, bad title

I have no idea why this is called ‘Falling for the Fling’. This is a story about two people rekindling a former long relationship. No fling mentioned.

Mag68 ,

Falling for the fling

By lily valente

What an adorable storyline! Can’t wait to read the next book in the series!


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