Falling for the Highlander

Highland Brides

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New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands welcomes readers back to the Scottish Highlands, where a gallant warrior vows to protect a beautiful runaway . . .

Lady Murine Carmichael has known her share of bad luck. But when her debt-ridden half brother tries to sell her off in exchange for a few Scottish horses, it’s the final straw. If keeping her freedom means escaping through harsh countryside alone, so be it. She has barely begun her journey when she lands an unlikely escort—the brawny Highlander who just refused to buy her virtue.

Dougall Buchanan was disgusted by Lord Danvries’ shameful offer, but Murine tempts him beyond measure. Even bedraggled and dusty, the lass glows with beauty and bravery. Dougall wants to do more than just help her flee. He wants to protect her—with his life and his heart—if she’ll only let him. For Murine may be pursued by a powerful foe, but nothing compares to the fiery courage of a Highlander in love.

January 31

Customer Reviews

Tome Tender ,

Easy, entertaining and kilts

Lady Murine has had a run a bad luck. Everyone she’s loved has died leaving her in the care of her ½ brother who has a gambling problem. In a desperate attempt to buy horses, Murine’s brother offers her use to the Scottish horse traders in lieu of payment. Hearing this, Murine runs away on her pet bull…since they no longer own any horses.

Dougall, a Scottish horse trader and lord, was appalled by Lord Danvries’, Murine’s ½ brother, offer. So when he runs across the same woman Danvries had offered him riding a bull across the country side, he doesn’t know whether to return her or help her escape…until he realizes that this is the Lady Murine that saved his sister some months back.

Falling for the Highlander is a slow building romance with a marvelous balance of heart, highlander family antics, action and humor. Easy, entertaining and kilts, Faling for the Highlander is a great bet for any historical romance fan.

I received this ARC copy of Falling for the Highlander from Avon in exchange for a honest review.

glhince ,

lower to develop in terms of the romance and the connection than I expected

We met Murine in the last book, as a friend (and surprising savior) of Saidh, sister to the Buchanan brothers. When Dougal Buchanan and his three brothers travel to make a deal with Murine’s half-brother and guardian Lord Davies for the purchase of horses. But, Lord Davies has gambled away the family money and is less than an admirable guardian, he offers his half-sister for trade. Horrified with the offer – the Buchanan brothers leave, and unbeknownst to them, so does Murine.

Dougall Buchanan, on discovering Murine has fled, agrees to escort her to his sister Saidh’s new home for safety, despite the arguments and kick-back from his brothers, and the potential for conflict with her guardian.

For me, Dougall was the standout character in this story. He’s gruff and a bit rough with a heart of gold, determined to protect those he feels need his protection, and always striving to do the right thing. While he’s not out their pounding his chest and screaming notice me and my brilliance, he does command respect by virtue of who he is. There’s a curious tender he has for Murine, much like the one for his sister, although the two couldn’t be more different. Murine, for me was little more than a typical pampered woman of the age: reticent, prone to fainting, seemingly weak and easily manipulated, she lacked the sparkle and presence of Saidh. There is little I remember about Murine in this story, it was all Dougall and his simmering regard for, and moments between his time with her.

A bit slower to develop in terms of the romance and the connection than I expected, the first half of the story moved nicely with intrigue, where the second fell off noticeably when compared to the thread of mystery that leaves us questioning if Dougall is under threat, or is it some attempt by Lord Davies to reclaim his ward and thus improve his potential future earnings with a match made for her. While not my favorite from this author, I am curious to see what comes next.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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