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Roderick had buried any thoughts of love or happiness the day he buried his wife. He swore on her honor that he would never marry again, but the burdens of being laird are too heavy for one set of shoulders. No matter how broad. 

He prayed to his deceased wife that she might select him a reasonable partner...

Aileen is three things: Practical, Logical, and...Impulsive. So when a drunken run in with a fortune teller turned matchmaker lands her hundreds of years in the past, she’s prepared to make the most of it.

Having a gorgeous highlander insist that you were sent by his late wife isn’t Aileen’s idea of a dream proposal. But she also had never dreamed she’d find herself in 1748 either.

She’ll married him for practicality, but will she find herself Falling for the Highlander?

Fiction & Literature
July 6
Mane Untamed Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

MsKitty7777 ,

Falling For The Highlander

The concept is a good one, however the story was put to paper too quickly. It needs a few words to be corrected throughout, as you can tell the author didn't go back to proof their work. Also, the story needs to be longer. It feels rushed. Lastly, if you could throw in a few older Scottish words in when Roderick talks rather than the words like can't, we're, didn't, etc.. This would help you feel like you are in the past, in the castle with a sexy highlander if you did this.
Eliza, you can fix these minor issues pretty easily. By doing so, you would get 4 or even 5 stars from me. To recap, fix the corrections, make Roderick's grammar Scottish, expand the content and develop the ending a little more. I know it's supposed to be a cliffhanger (no pun intended), but it needs more. You did well with setting the scene for your next book, which I haven't read yet.

TheSassy1962 ,

Not a finished product.

Practically no proofreading or editing done. Extremely distracting that modern verses ancient speech and dialect wasn’t addressed. Little understanding of relationships and their complexities. If it was longer, and filled out, fleshed out more, it wouldn’t read like a teenager’s fantasy.

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