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"Such a great story about healing wounds and forgetting the past. Something I relate to, yet again. There were parts that just wrenched my heart from my chest, and I felt like crying. Only the best books can do that to me, and this book is that great. Also, is the cover not the cutest?!" -Haddie's Haven

Ruby Davis has a crush on her brother's best friend. At least, he was his bestie until the big betrayal. Now Drew is off limits to everyone, especially Ruby. She can't stand the way people treat him, or the way he feels about himself. It isn't right. And those deep green eyes are calling to her.

Drew is scarred and damaged, and he has no business even looking at Ruby. But he can't help himself. She's beautiful, but he does his best to stay away. When they are assigned a school project, they become reluctant friends - even though they want so much more.

She's torn between her feelings for Drew and loyalty to her brother. There's no way they can ever be together...but love just might find a way

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains forbidden love, a scarred and damaged hero, an overprotective brother out for revenge, and a heart-wrenching ending that may bring on happy tears.

Young Adult
October 12
Entangled Publishing, LLC
Seventh Grade

Customer Reviews

Jaeeee 😝 ,

good plot, could’ve been executed better

**some spoilers**

i loved the story behind it. i was glad to have not wanted to cry from the trauma, so it’s a much lighter read. however, i can’t help but think back to being taught to show and not tell in writing. the characters lacked depth, i feel. and large issues were resolved in too short time and in too easy of a manner. i loved how things turn around for everyone, like i said, a lighthearted read with enough tragedy to create solid conflict. there were some lines where i was like, this sounds too cliché for me, i’ve read it a thousand times, the emotions came out of nowhere, there was no buildup on ruby’s part. drew was told beautifully, his side of the story was perfectly clear. ruby lacked the depth we needed to relate to her.

it was a decently told story, and if i didn’t go through books in one sitting, i’d probably give it a higher rating. i love the storyline, just wish it was described better.

perfect read if you’re intrigued by trauma, but don’t want your day to be ruined from a devastating novel.

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