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He's off-limits, continually underestimates me, and yet… I can't ignore the attraction between us. 


When I landed my dream job, I didn’t realize I’d be working with the one guy I’ve always avoided.


Caught off guard with a career-ending injury; he is the life and soul of every party, a likable, sociable guy on all accounts. His future relies on the success of the sports complex I’ve been hired to manage. 

But…he doubts my capabilities from the get-go. 

I’m tired of being underestimated, of having my capabilities judged by just my pretty face. This is my opportunity to prove everyone wrong, including Jonah. 

I just never expected to fall for him, or to learn that Jonah isn’t the man he pretends to be.

Now I’m not sure if I can handle the truth.


It only takes one injury to ruin your career and I’m not even sure I still have one. Investing in a sports complex made sense, until I realized that Callie was hired to manage it.

She’s young, beautiful and has an alluring innocence I have to remind myself to ignore. As my teammate’s personal assistant, Callie is off limits in more ways than one. She’s straight out of college, has no experience and now my future lies in her hands.

The closer we work together, the more I become captivated by her. She’s nothing like I expected her to be, but then we all hide behind masks.

Especially me.

If Callie learns the truth, both my future and my heart could be shattered.

August 31
Lea Coll
Lea Coll

Customer Reviews

Cheryl33610 ,

Likable characters

I’m so glad Callie got her own story after getting to know her as Red’s assistant in his book. I liked Jonah quite a lot, as well, because who doesn’t like a tortured, injured, grumpy hero who thinks he’s not good enough for the sweet, at times sad, heroine.
So I enjoyed their chemistry, their connection, his offer of care and help with her grandfather Frank. I understood her feelings deepening and her worry that she’d lose Jonah in the end. But what I didn’t love was the last 10-15% of the book. Jonah’s big secret heartache was a bit, eh. Their inevitable conflict was both rushed and a bit predictable.
So my 3.75-4 star rating is for the characters, the writing and the plot for 85% of the book. It’s not my favorite Annapolis Harbor book, but I still recommend it and the series as a whole. I’m sure there will be many that will disagree with me, and that’s okay. I’m still a big fan of Lea Coll and can’t wait to read her next book, because she’s become a must-read author to me.

penny42058 ,

I loved Jonah and Callie

I’ve loved ever book in this series and Falling for You is a definite winner. What happens when the man you’re attracted to becomes your boss? We get to find out in this beautifully written story about Callie and Jonah. Jonah hasn’t had a serious girlfriend since high school and not many people know the details. He tries to fight his attraction to Callie because he doesn’t think he deserves to be happy and he doesn’t want to hurt her. What happened to make Jonah feel this way? No spoilers, so grab your copy and see what happens in this beautiful story.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.

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