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He didn’t want complications. She was looking for a miracle. 

Quinn Freeman has spent his life avoiding the dangers of commitment, but his 

reluctant return to his home town that’s steeped in tragedy for his family stirs up memories and emotions he’d intended to leave buried.  His arrival lights hope in 

many hearts including one long dormant. 

Meghan O’Reilly, the town’s only plumber and solo caretaker of her dependent 

sister, is weighted down with responsibility. She only sees in Quinn a careless charmer who isn’t used to hard work—but she still can’t keep from imagining his kiss... and longing for his touch. 

Surely some things, like a fling between them, can be simple... Or is it possible 

for a fling to become forever?

March 10
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

SBart79 ,

Loved it!

Loved this book. Quinn has returned to Creighton Falls to get the deserted family hotel up for sale, not expecting to find love. Meghan is the town plumber, and care giver of her sister. She has offered her services in the repair of the hotel only. Soon Quinn is remembering memories of a tragedy that happened with his family from years ago. Meghan resists many of Quinn's charms, since he is only here for a short period of time. But soon Quinn wins her heart. Loved how Quinn stood up to his family and how caring he was to Meghan's sister.

I highly recommend this book!!

Cowboys fan 65 ,

Love it

Quinn Freeman's mom has asked him to go check on there hotel in Creighton Falls, that has been closed since his father passed away. Quinn thinks he is to blame for his fathers death.
Meghan o'Reilly gets a call to fix a water leak at the motel and assumes they are re-opening the motel. The two have an attraction to one another but Meghan believes she isn't good enough for him.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and fun.

Jean Boehmke ,

Falling Hard

I enjoyed revisiting Creighton Falls in this story. Meghan was a wonderful character. She has drive, tenacity, and a huge heart. Quinn was a wonderfully flawed character, his feelings run deep and both his strength and vulnerability just made him such a lovable hero. Mostly because the hero couldn't have gotten where he was, without help from the heroine.
I love small town stories because of the quirky neighbors and the drama that is unique to a small town where everyone knows your business, whether you want them too or not. But the entire town is fiercely loyal to both the town and each other. Watching the changes in Quinn as he spent time in Creighton Falls was fun and heartwarming. Plus the story had plenty of hot moments as well.

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