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Novella  in the USA Today bestselling Rose Gardner series following Thirty and a Half Excuses

When Joe walks out of Rose’s life, she can’t imagine life without him. But with support from her friends—and an unexpected person—Rose finds her way to climb out of her despair.

After his father’s blackmail forces him to leave the love of his life to protect her, Joe is thrown into the race for Arkansas State Senate. But while Rose has people to help her grieve, Joe finds himself completely alone—except the one person he detests is the only person who’s offering comfort.


Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (#1)

Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons (#2)

Thirty and a Half Excuses (#3)

Falling to Pieces (Between the Numbers novella #3.5)

Thirty-One and a Half Regrets (#4)

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 9
Denise Swank

Customer Reviews

Hlgpooh ,

Joe, oh Joe...

Joe’s side of the story… This is a very short novel to tell us Joe's perspective after the break-up with Rose. I enjoyed reading through Joe's point of view and seeing how the break-up affected him. I still don't trust Joe, but after reading the novella, it is a little clearer how deeply his father manipulates him and I actually felt a little sorry for Joe. This was a very short, very quick read but the added details from another character's POV was well worth the read.

bengalfan78 ,

Tears reading this novella

Falling to Pieces picks up after Joe and Rose break up at the end of 30.

This is the first novella DGS has written for the series and the first time you get another person POV. My heart broke after Rose and Joe ended their relationship and it broke further reading Joe's POV. It was nice getting inside is head to understand more and not just see him through Rose's eyes.

I still love Joe and understand why he did what he did. He was a man trapped, some of it due to is own mistakes and screw ups. But I think I loved more Joe because I do believe this was the first time he acted unselfishly with a person he loved. Why I still wanted to shack joe, expecially at the end with Hilary it didn't surprise me because he had no support system to help him through his heartbreak.

Rose, while suffering the loss of her first love, got the better end of the deal. While still hurting she has the love and support of her family and friends that will ensure she comes out a stronger and better person

Dagmabbit ,

Always left wanting more!

If you're reading this series and have finished the third book then you need to buy this one. It give a lot more detail with the break up and the emotions. It tells it from Rose and Joe's point of view. The emotions are so real you can feel them. I can't wait to purchase the next book and get started reading. I love Rose and Joe so now I am left torn for them both. I need to move on with the story to mend my heartache for them.

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