Family Reunion Murder

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Join Becky on her summer adventure as she attempts to solve two puzzling mysteries!

Red Herrings & Pink Flamingos

Natural causes? A little pink birdie told me otherwise.
What looks more impressive on a resume? Nosy amateur sleuth or struggling no-name actress? Neither one pays the bills and Becky Robinson has a lot of bills. So, when she's invited to the reading of her rich Uncle Al's will, she daydreams about her inheritance.

The problem, Becky doesn't have an Uncle Al. And she never met the deceased.

The mysterious stranger leaves her a ceramic flamingo with a hidden message. Turns out her fake uncle was murdered and she was hired from the grave to find whodunit.

The investigation into Al's reclusive life leads Becky undercover with the eclectic Robinson family. Can she blend in and catch the killer or will another fake heir blow her cover?

McGuffins & Birdies

Don't resort to crime if you can't escape in time.

A free stay at a luxury resort is a dream come true until Becky Robinson wakes up and realizes she's undercover as the help. Catering to every beck and call of corporate bigwigs while also investigating who in the group is selling secrets to the enemy.

But what does Becky know about golfing, noncompete clauses, horseback riding, stock options, glamping, and… kidnapping?

Pro tip - Losing your client in the woods doesn't impress the boss. But until the body bag zips, it's not too late for a mulligan.

With suspects lurking around every corner, Becky must uncover the secrets and lies to expose the saboteur. Can she spoil the perfect getaway before someone turns up dead?


Family Reunion Murder is a bundle of two mysteries previously published in a summer spinoff series. If you are the type of reader who likes binging a series in chronological order, this is best read as book 8.

If you love clumsy heroines, a Hollywood backdrop, quirky suspects, and an adorable rescue puppy this series is for you!

Hollywood Whodunit Series Order
Book 0: Lake Day ShenanigansBook 1: Prime Time MurderBook 2: Stand-In MurderBook 3: Music City MurderBook 4. Trap Door MurderBook 5: Fool's Gold MurderBook 6: Holly Jolly MurderBook 7: Blue Suede MurderBook 8: Family Reunion MurderBook 9: Summer Vacation MurderBook 10: Sunlight Swindler MurderBook 11: Castle Island Murder

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 3
Britt Lizz Publishing Company
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