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When we think of apps for kids, we often think of games for either entertainment or learning. But apps aren't limited to just games or books—apps can provide important social, emotional, and physical experiences too. Family Time with Apps is designed to help parents better understand the variety of ways that apps can support children's healthy development and family learning, communication, and connection. The guide aims to show parents how to find the best apps that fit your child’s needs, provide tips on how (and why!) to use apps together, and highlight even more resources that will make the process of selecting apps less overwhelming, and more fun.

December 4
The Joan Ganz Cooney Center
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

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mhlcc ,

New Version

A New Version of this guide is now available in Spanish.

Jessica E B ,

Easy and insightful must-read

If you’re a parent or teacher who cares about children getting the most out of digital media, read and share this! It provides easy-to-follow tips to connect digital to “real world” activities to enhance fun and learning. In a world where so many adults and kids are burying their heads in their devices, this shows how technology can easily be used to better connect and communicate.

Sanda B ,

A concise, compelling guide to navigating our brave new digital world with kids

Family Time with Apps is a quintessential (and concise!) resource for ALL adults who interact with children and technology, providing valuable guiding principles, useful tips, and an array of concrete and creative ideas and activities. The e-book is beautifully designed, with fun comic strips animating each guiding principle and interactive elements to enhance engagement. It's a quick and memorable read, and will instantly enhance your thinking and your toolkit.

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