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Included in this collection of fantasy gender-swap stories, totaling over 90,000 words:
“Elective Magic”: Senator Harvey is going to do his best to shut down spending on military projects if he’s re-elected. How can three guys with a camera and a pair of magical shape-shifting rings bring down a senator?
“Ideal”: Kevin’s girlfriend Sarah threw some magic his way…just a little bit, channeled through a figurine, meant to make him her ideal lover for the night. It worked great, and they enjoyed themselves immensely. The next day while they were at work, someone broke in and stole the figurine, putting the thief in charge of Kevin’s body. Now trapped in the form of an outrageously busty blonde woman, Kevin finds that not only is he attracted to every man that he sees…he becomes that man’s ideal lover!
“Nymphed”: Sean and Travis, out camping, win the attention of a fey queen. In thanks for their having cleaned up her forest, she gives them the opportunity to continue their good work. Travis takes her up on it, only to find that gifts from the fey come with hidden costs. Now he and Sean have to learn how to adjust to Travis having been suddenly…nymphed.
“The Fetish Transfer”: Chris was shocked at how sexy the new librarian was; she fit his fantasies as if he'd designed her. But when they have an encounter and he finds out that her looks came from a curse that she passed on to him, what can he do to regain his old life and his male body?

“The Freshman Experience”: Dave is a freshman at a magic university, and eager to get going. He’s surprised to find out what people with command of magic can do to an unguarded target, and how sexy the results can be as he finds himself changing day by day.

Fiction & Literature
May 20
Maxwell Avoi
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