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Fashion Academy

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Project Runway meets Fame in this fresh, fun new series from the mother-daughter writing team who created the successful Cupcake Club series. MacKenzie "Mickey" Williams is the new student at FAB Middle School (Fashion Academy of Brooklyn), a training ground for the fashion designers of tomorrow.

Fashion-forward MacKenzie "Mickey" Williams is thrilled to be accepted to FAB Middle School (Fashion Academy of Brooklyn), a school that serves as a training ground for the fashion designers of tomorrow. (Their motto, "We are SEW FAB"). But when her daring fashion and stellar grades turn the Fab A-listers green with envy, Mickey discovers that standing out doesn't always make it easy to fit in. So when friendly classmate JC comes up with a plan to help Mickey fit in, she decides to take the ultimate fashion risk—ditch her personal style for good.

One mega makeover later, pink-haired Mickey Williams mysteriously disappears, and the trendy, blonde "Kenzie Wills" shows up on the FAB scene, blending with the other students in a way Mickey never could. But when Mickey starts to lose herself to "Kenzie," she's not sure that fitting in is worth cutting herself down to size…

Young Adult
July 7
Sourcebooks, Inc.
Grades 5-8

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

a quick and fun read with Mickey being a true star of the story and providing a great message.

Mackenzie (Mickey) has been addicted to fashion for as long as she can remember. An eclectic style sets her apart from her friends at school, but she’s got a head full of dreams. When she is accepted into the Fashion Academy of Brooklyn (FAB) with a full scholarship, she’s heading down the path to her dream of being a designer. BUT, sixth grade will not be without challenges: she’ll have to leave home and board with her Aunt Olive, a germ phobic and rather stuffy aunt, and make new friends in a school where her classmates are rich, stylish and well-connected in the fashion world already.

I adored Mickey: she had dreams and wishes and wasn’t afraid to put in the work to achieve them. She doesn’t fit ‘in’ with the ‘cool crowd’, but with a few tweaks to her own personal style and a good new friend in Javen, she’s working her way to a transformation that fits the school and her classmates, but just may not sit easily on her.

Slowly, Mickey comes to learn that her own personal view, not the one she has adopted, is what makes her unique and got her the scholarship in the first place, and her testing out other personalities and back stories did little for her own self-enhancement. At the heart, this is a book about finding your own place in the world in a way that feels honestly and uniquely you: accepting input and adopting only those changes that keep your individual personality shining forward.

Plenty of secondary characters al fill out the story: Aunt Olive and her growth and change with the input and influence of Mickey, Javen, Mickey’s BFF who is a formidable designer in her own niche, the “mean girls’ led by Jade Lee. Each added layers of interest, drama and believability to the story, placing readers firmly in the center of ANY sixth grade classroom with the petty jealousies, sniping, snubbing and jostling for social relevance or obscurity. With insets of humor and snips about fashion, design and construction, the story is a quick and fun read with Mickey being a true star of the story and providing a great message.

I received an eARC copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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