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You think your job is tedious? Try being the Harbinger of Evil for a day.

I dare you…

What’s the Devil to do when his fire no longer burns away his sins and Fate is screwing with his… well, fate? Easy—lie, cheat, steal and dictate my questionably accurate autobiography slash romance novel to my unwilling and outstandingly rude Vampyre niece. 

Welcome to my Hell.

A mysterious darkness is gunning for me and this time it might prevail, but I have little time to worry about that. Instead of seeking it out, I shall simply go about business as usual. If it’s fated, it will find me. 

My list is long. Traveling to Earth to promote my bestselling romance novel at an alarming book convention where I must protect my privates from the rabid lady readers is enough to frighten even the Devil. Not to mention, I have to avoid my insane mother like the plague and catch the smart-mouthed, gorgeous soul seller on Earth—who may or may not be someone I’d like to keep.

So today is a day like any other. Punishments must be doled out and chaos must be encouraged. A vacation would be lovely, but there is no rest for the weary… or the evil. Luckily I know how to have an outstanding time doing outrageously bad things. Thank Hades, I’m a handsome bastard.

There is no fated happily ever after for the Prince of Darkness, no matter what ridiculous ending my niece slaps onto my autobiography.

Or is there?

Fate is a bitch, but she usually gets it right.

September 25
Robyn Peterman
Robyn Peterman-Zahn

Customer Reviews

Cool beans 121 ,

Quite entertaining!

A liar, a siren, a foul mouthed group of women from all of the previous books in the series, and Lucifer makes for a hilarious love story.

Izzibear ,

Loved Fashionably Flawed!!

Robyn Peterman does not disappoint. Fashionably Flawed is a wonderful addition to the Hot Damned series. I was constantly chuckling to myself while reading Satan's story. I loved seeing all my favorite characters come together again and help Satan out. I loved the chemistry between Satan and Elle. She's definitely the female version of Satan. I can't wait for Fashionably Ever After to come out so I can find out what happens next.

Satan has a feeling that something is coming for him but doesn't know what. So he decides it's best to deal with the problems at hand first. There's an individual stealing souls and selling them. What Satan finds when he goes to investigate is not what he imagined. His opponent is gorgeous, sharp and witty. She's strong and isn't intimidated by Satan. Elle escapes before Satan has a chance to capture her. Her escape leaves him standing there with his pants tented and intrigued. Haha.
Has Satan finally found his match? Can he track down Elle and figure out what's coming for him before it's too late?

Dskscs ,

Gotta love Satan

Once again I am not disappointed. I have never read a book by Robyn Peterman that I have not loved, and this was no exception. I lean towards books that will shed a little light in my life and bring a smile to my face. Ok so these bring more than a smile, most of the time I just laugh.
I love the interaction between Astrid and her uncle Satan. They know when to push a little and when to let it go. Their sense of family may be a little stranger than some but they are usually a pretty fun group.
I don't want to give away anything, and Robyn does a much better job with her blurb to tell you what the story is about. My honest opinion is to get a copy of this book and you will have a great time reading it. You can't go wrong with any of Robyn's books. Pick them up and enjoy.

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