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Without your health, you have nothing. It is the very foundation by which everything else in life grows and flourishes. Without it, peace, joy, happiness, and purpose are absent, and the ability to express love and support to your family, spouse, employer, and friends can be lost and nonexistent. In pain and suffering, one is caught up totally into themselves and unable to serve and care for others.

In five decades of practice as a fasting coach, this book’s author observed over half of her clients suffered from depression. Today we have evidence that this is a result of toxicity and incorrect diet, resulting in sickness, mentally and physically.

Success in life’s ambitions can become illusive. Many people state they “eat clean and healthy,” but further investigation as to what is being put into the body is actually fueling carcinogens, free radicals, toxicity, and disease, creating addictions to unhealthy (and deadly) foods. This prematurely steals life at an exponential rate. Many of our medical directives ensure the continuation of these cycles through toxic drugs and adulterated dietary guidelines.

The most important approach to master a healthy condition is by taking steps outlined in this book through fasting, healthy eating, detoxification, vitamin/mineral supplementation, and, importantly, exercises. Fasting is the universal key to combating illness as well as keeping weight under control and never having to diet again for a lifetime.

This is the ultimate guide to optimizing your health, the greatest asset you will ever possess. This book will guide you into a place of vibrant, purposeful, and glowing well-being, resulting in abundant life. It is not difficult. This book tells you how.

Health, Mind & Body
February 7
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