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(This book is not part of the Jim Richards series - it is all new)

From the East coast to the West coast the NY Slasher carved his murderous spree on thirty women, and then just disappeared. Derek Harcourt wrote about the Slasher’s crimes in his first book. Now writing a second book, Harcourt has ulterior motives for this novel and is following the Slasher’s journey all the way from New York to Washington state. Sarah Keller is Harcourt’s editor and the unsuspecting victim of horrible crimes in her past and maybe her future. Will there be more murders when Harcourt and Keller finally meet?

Could an author hate an editor so much that he would want to murder her? A new thriller about stalking a victim across the country and a serial killer bent on making his last murder his ultimate goal, the person he hates the most.

This is not part of the Jim Richards series books by Bob Moats, this is an all new book about an author, editors and serial murders.

Bob Moats is the author of 20 novels about a senior citizen sleuth named Jim Richards. He wrote the short fantasy novella “Crystal Prison of Kyr” and is a published playwright with his three act comedy “Happily Ever After”. This book takes him to a new genre, serial killings and it views from two different perspectives, the killer and the victim.


Advanced reviews:

From a review on Goodreads.com by Barb Hopkins:

"A gritty mystery that held my interest, Fatal Rejection is a recommended read. I dare you to read it and not get the heebie-jeebies from Harcourt. Have already read most of this book but decided to reread from the beginning. Harcourt is most decidedly creepy. **shudder**"


Bob Moats, the author of over 20 continuous “Murder” books, outdid himself in “Fatal Rejection.” This fiction book is in a word, “intense”. Derek Harcourt has written and had published a true crime book about the NY Slasher, a serial killer who was never caught. Before having his book published, he was rejected many times by publishing companies. Enter, Sarah Keller, an editor of a major publishing company in New York whose husband was murdered several months ago. She decided to start over and moved across country to Washington state. But, Harcourt has other plans for Sarah and commences to drive out to her. The book is full of heart stopping suspense with likeable characters and at times a little humor. Will Sarah find happiness away from her haunted past, or will her refusal letter to publish a mad man’s book be a Fatal Rejection? I would give this book 5 stars.

Reviewed by Ronnie Mercer

Author of "Unsolved Serial Killers - True Crimes" and "Women who Kill - True Crimes"


Bob Moats once again amazes me with his brilliant storytelling ability. In "Fatal Rejection", he writes from the point of view of not only the victim but the murderer as well and he was able to pull it off wonderfully. The parts of the story told through the eyes of the victim, Sarah, were soft and light with a hint of sadness while the parts told through the murderer's eyes, Derek, were brash and hard. It was easy to get caught up in the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and found it difficult to put down. Great ending!

Boni J. Rychener


All finished. I enjoyed it. I liked that the ending was out of the blue as well. Very enjoyable and the ending was a good twist.

David Wilkinson, from England.


Take a walk through a psycho's mind and see just who comes up still alive by the end of the book, it's a fascinating journey.

Jo Ann Hakola

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 27
Bob Moats
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Kaycees mom ,

A good read

Bob Moats keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book has well developed characters and a great plot. Keep them coming

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