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Blonde, beautiful, and now missing, Robyn Gardner took a secret trip to Aruba that no one in her family knew about until two days after she vanished without a trace.

Tina Watson was a young and pretty newlywed found dead at the bottom of the ocean just one week into a dream Australian honeymoon. 

Two women who went on separate vacations and didn’t return home alive. Were they victims of men who plotted their perfect murders?

Dead just one week into her Australian honeymoon, Tina Watson’s body lay a hundred feet below the ocean’s surface at the foot of the Great Barrier Reef. Across the globe, three days into a secret Aruban getaway with an older gentleman she met online, Robyn Gardner vanished from the same Aruban town as Natalee Holloway just five years earlier.

Why did Robyn Gardner’s travel companion purchase a $1.5 million insurance policy and make himself the beneficiary? Did Tina Watson’s husband really insist she increase her life insurance coverage to $1 million before the wedding? When both suspects’ stories are deemed suspicious, what does the evidence ultimately reveal?

Motive and opportunity gave the media full opportunity to cast these suspects as murderers. But what actually happened? And what is it about this pair of bizarre cases that remains brutally chilling to this day?

From bestselling author Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff comes an investigative look at the tragic fates of both Robyn Gardner and Tina Watson. Read the controversial new theories about what really happened on those fateful trips. Fully examine for yourself society’s reaction to these shocking cases allegedly involving human trafficking, kidnapping, insurance scams, fraud and deceit, then decide: when a vacation tragedy turns into suspicions of murder, just who is to blame?

MARK YOSHIMOTO NEMCOFF is a bestselling author and writer who lives in Los Angeles and has been featured by Playboy Magazine and TV’s “Access Hollywood.” He has written bestselling books about the mission to kill Bin Laden, deadly vacations, Pink Floyd’s album, “The Wall,” and his collection of Hollywood assistant stories has been on the Amazon charts for the last 5 years running.

April 18
Glenneyre Press
Glenneyre Press, LLC

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KaizerSuaze ,

Great Read

The author really makes you wonder about who is guilty/at fault in each of these stories. It is amazing the things you will try and/or do on vacation that you probably wouldn't dare attempt in back-home mode. Makes you wonder how well you know those around you. Anyone care to join me for a little getaway? Really, I'm good people.

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