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A stolen destiny. An impossible quest.

Kara Valari has broken one of the underworld’s highest laws and is serving the ultimate sentence. But nothing—not even the impossible quest of breaching the boundaries of hell and facing off with Hades himself—will keep Maximus Kane from rescuing her. The journey will demand all of Maximus’s courage…and help from an unlikely guide. Driven by love, he sets off into a dark realm he only knows from the tattered pages of Dante’s Comedy.

In hell’s bleak world, every part of Kara’s soul is subjected to Hades’s morbid fascination and merciless assault. Giving in to his demands means sharing the intimate details of why she dared to disobey him—a love for Maximus that, even now, burns on in her heart. Just when Kara resolves herself to an eternity of her nightmare, she discovers a glimmer of hope…a way to glimpse her beloved. Could her visions of Maximus unite them once more, or are they just another twisted punishment for her in a kingdom designed for agony?

In those fleeting moments of light and passion, Kara rekindles her fight to survive. Darkness may still separate her from Maximus, but they’re connected by fate. But can their love survive this storm?

May 4
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Chelled75 ,

Very interesting!

I love the lengths Maximus goes through to save Kara. I enjoy the modernization of the the Greek gods and how they adapt to the modern world. The action and adventure in the story kept it exciting!

lbrowning81 ,

Epic Story

What an exciting and beautiful ending to this epic story! Maximus, son of Zeus, must take on the underworld and Hades to get his love back. Kara tries to stay strong in the underworld and not let Hades get what he wants from her. When Maximus finds Kara and they are face to face with Hades they make their stand when something magical happens and they are thrown from the underworld but what does this mean now?? This final installment will keep you on your toes with several jaw dropping twists and an ending that will have you in tears!

JuliaB09 ,


I’ve always loved Greek Mythology and wasn’t certain why. I think it’s because I’ve been waiting for this book series. Meredith Wild and Angel Payne make a dynamic writing duo. The depths Maximus is goes through to get to Kara is miraculous. His desperation to get to Kara leapt off the pages. It’s a absolutely wonderful story that you won’t want to miss.

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