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Descended from witches burned at the stake, Lady Emilia Noble knows all too well how society persecutes the different. She trusts no one but her own siblings, never daring to reveal to anyone outside the family that she, like her grandmother before her, can read a person’s emotions through the changing colors of their aura. When her brother’s foolhardy boast that he can predict the future entangles him with the unscrupulous Lord Abernathy, Emilia is faced with a new threat: the ruination of the family’s finances and the unmasking of their secret past.

Until Emilia meets Felix Hunter, the Duke of Kintore. For years, Felix has watched as his immoral uncle, Lord Abernathy, has cast shame upon their family through his dishonest machinations. Determined that Abernathy won’t hurt anyone else, he vows to help Emilia resolve her family’s debts. He’s been drawn to her since the moment he met her, and slowly, she begins to trust him too. But when Abernathy threatens to reveal the Noble family’s supernatural gifts, Emilia’s worst nightmare becomes a very real reality.

Can Felix and Emilia’s love triumph over the forces of evil, or are they fated to be perpetually alone? 

When love is mixed with magic, anything can happen. 

November 20
La Loma Elite Publishing
Christina McKnight

Customer Reviews

lfdykes ,

A Magical Story

Gifts can often be curses if the circumstances are right. But with Emilia and her sisters, they have special gifts that have been passed down by their ancestors with the ability to read a person's auras, emotions and the future. The problem begins when their brother, brags he can predict the outcome of a horse race. Unfortunately he is with the blackguard Lord Abernathy and his wagering puts the family at risk. Of course the sisters step in and try to clean up the mess their brother made. But as fate might have it, Felix, Duke of Kintore, Abernathy's nephew, comes in just as his uncle is about to hit the young man with him. As Emilia and Felix meet, a lot begins to happen.
With a little of everything, I loved this story and it kept me captive until the end! You do not want to miss this tale or any of Christina's books!! Although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone.

magslujan ,

Fated for the Duke

This is a very interesting story, I enjoyed reading it but it’s really not a romance story, but I do recommend it if you enjoy reading books about persons with certain powers in this era

Kat Wiley ,

Another Great by Christina McKnight!!!

Another Great by Christina McKnight! Fated For The Duke is book 13 in the Enduring Legacy Collection. Each book in this collection is written by a different author but can be read as a standalone. This regency story has some paranormal in it as well and Christina’s imagination is truly amazing. Oh how I enjoyed reading this story. Her characters are lovable and the enemy you hate. What more could you ask for in a book. This story has evil, drunkenness, gambling, patients, obligations to family, sisterly love, secrets, understanding, loneliness, kindness, rescue, protection and love at first sight. Who could ask for more. I highly recommend you read this story or any of Christina McKnight’s books… They are just wonderful!

***This book was gifted to me and I am voluntarily reviewing.

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